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    269,000 Plus Files

    Cleanup junk files with tools like CCleaner and System Ninja. Check for malwares - Roguekiller, adwcleaner, MBAM Check for fragmentation and defrag if required (Not to be done on SSD) Remove unnecessary programs from startup Check that the partitions have at least 20-25% of free space...
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    Confused About Clean Install of Windows 10 On UEFI PC

    Back up your data. Boot from the USB. Follow the instructions and choose "Install Now" when prompted. Choose "Install Windows Only (Advanced)" Select each partition and delete it. This deletes the files on the partition When you've finished this, you should be left with "unallocated space"...
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    Network sharing issue

    Go to run and type //Computername and see what happen
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    Problems with microphone on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

    open your friends list and click on the gear icon.. go to voice and select your mic.. restart csgo and it should work
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    Can't reset, repair, or recover Win 10.

    Reinstall from scratch. Download Windows 10
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    Error 0x0000225 when booting VHD

    start up the pc without the drive in. Then put it in and click f1 to run setup.
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    Windows 10 Help with fix sound

    Try uninstall the current driver and install this Realtek High Definition Audio Driver for Windows
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    how to recover forgotten wifi password

    Great video, may i know how do you break the bios password ?
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    Tell me best video editing software for make youtube video

    I highly recommend Kdenlive on this list as well, it's not as well known but does its job very well
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    Which Anti-Virus do You Use?

    Windows Defender since Win10. No problems so far.