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    Uninstall Avast Antivirus

    I faced the same problem earlier. There is a exe called avast uninstaller. You can uninstall avast by that.
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    Zoom Magnification

    Zooming the browser page might help.
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    OBS Streaming in Low quality

    You can fix the video settings to 1080p in resolutions section.
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    PC not matching download speeds of other devices on WiFi

    Have you tried restarting the router if you are using any? Or maybe you should troubleshoot it to fix the problem.
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    Pubg is the most likeable game recently and far more better than FREEFIRE in all sorts of means.
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    Search task missing

    Go to control panel. Disable explorer for a while and enable it again. Check your network connectivity. It will fix your problem I guess.
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    How do I stop Win10 thinking my program's hanging when it's not?

    You can either troubleshoot it or disable it for a minute and again enable it. Hope it might help.