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    Cloning PC slows it down

    Have you run Windows update and thus made sure that all driver etc. gets updated??
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    Windows 11: What the hell is Microsoft thinking? (RANT)

    I usually do not reply to "ILOVE to HATE Microsoft/Windows" goofballs.. But to the rest of the crowd I will inform that you may change the: AllowUpgradesWithUnsupportedTPMOrCPU registry entry and restart atleast once before trying to upgrade to Windows 11.. (Most Windows-users know how to...
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    Have you set proper properties for that folder in: properties, customize, optimize this folder for
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    Installing Windows 11

    It you have an "older" version of Windows (like 10 or 8 etc.) you can always try to use the UPGRADE function at: Download Windows 11 This way you will keep all your programs, apps and drivers etc. But remember that once you have upgraded, you should run Windows update manually so that the...
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    Windows 11 Computer getting bluescreens every day since I upgraded to Windows 11.

    As he already said: "The dump is blaming Netwtw08.sys which is an Intel WiFi driver" Is that not answer enough? (There might be other apps involded as well.. )
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    Hiding folders or files in data streams

    Encrytion is an option for everyone, wheather they hide files or not.. As I saw it the main question was how you are able to hide information from other users..
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    Hiding folders or files in data streams

    Just to make things clear! In normal use of computers you never need to hide any files or folders since your private files or folders (those that remain in your profile: %UserProfile% in file explorer) are alvays PRIVATE! Other users are not able to see, use or change them! This is due to the...
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    Left click problems in Windows 11.

    For "startmenu" try these options: for skype, try these options: Skype has stopped working on Windows 10
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    Left click problems in Windows 11.

    Have you tried to see if RELIABILITY MONITOR can give you any hints of the issue?
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    Windows 10 (latest) updates ate up my disk space?

    When you start diskcleaner, (from start, and seach for Diskcleaner, opt to start as administrator) Is there not an option to select to clean Windows update-files? (This will remove already installed updates, that are saved for uninstall-purpose) In short you should concider to "tick" all...
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    local user and domain user on the same pc

    I strongy advice against using or performing any private stuff on a computer that is own by your school or your employer... In this situation there is NOT PRIVACY at all... So get your self an own computer and use the school/work computer for school/work related stuff only..
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    Windows shares -- why is this not simpler?

    I do not know if you have tryed the "LEARN HOW EASY IT IS TO SHARE FILES WITHIN YOUR HOME NETWORK!" found on: Tips & Trix It goes through the basics from how to enable network sharing (in the correct way), How to: Enable sharing so that anyone with network access can read.. etc. and so on...
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    Tips & Tricks for better performance of Windows 11

    Everyone can uninstall a lot of stuff in Windows... But that does not make your PC run faster or smoother.. That is more placebo than an actual performance lift...
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    Tips & Tricks for better performance of Windows 11

    NO! threre are many laptops where the RAM-module is SOLDERED to the motherboard... They dont have any slots at all... And the RAM can not be shifted.... I found an article about this: The scourge of fully soldered and non-upgradeable laptops So TRUE! There are laptops where the RAM is NOT...
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    Tips & Tricks for better performance of Windows 11

    To be honest! There are NO magic "registry hacks", booster softwares, or other software that are able to create more performance in your pc! If your computer have a small amount of RAM, such as 4Gb, etc., then it's best to stop using memory-intensive browsers (like Chrome and Firefox), and...