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    Windows installation

    Ok. your picture, songs, or other file which is not saved on drive C, will not gone. atleast you save it on Drive d or whatever, atleast not same drive partition with your windows system files. just reformat it again (install windows 7 ultimate) let me know, if you done it.
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    Windows installation

    wait. you say; try to install windows..? your plan, you want dual boot windows again..? or first time you installing it? if you first time, Just install it again. and when processing install to your computer. you can reformat HD. and make 2 ,or more partition. I suggest just make 2 partition. I...
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    Comodo Internet Security with Malwarebytes Pro - Test Feel free comment at there, RATE, Subscribe me for more tests. Thank you guys
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    I need a feedback for next test

    ah, sorry. make you confuse about this. I mean is, any requests for my next tests? :p thank you before.
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    I need a feedback for next test

    I need a feedback for next test. I want do daily antivirus tests. what's next? give me feedback or requests. before requesting, you can search me on youtube >> winsevenholic thanks guys
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    Should I say, Goodbye MSE

    In MSE 4. Microsoft did better improvement :) I really like it alot. I did test it when their releasing new version (v4) here's if you want watch it. Microsoft Security Essentials 4 Final - YouTube
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    My video playlist "windows quick tips"

    just watch this: Windows Quick Tips - YouTube Thanks guys. Hope you find this useful :) have a great days.
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    Which Anti-Virus do You Use?

    I use Norton Internet Security 2012 for now and combined with Malwarebytes PRO. :) great to use this combination.