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    How to pin links to folders/files on removeable medias on TaskBar/Start menu?

    create an empty .txt and rename it to "name.exe" (confirm the extension change). Pin the exe to taskbar. Now with right click -> properties in "target" box give the destination of your desire folder or software and of course change the icon to whatever you want.
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    Do you have any opened program before hibernate? Maybe your programs cant start again properly after hibernation and cause the BSoD. If it was a hardware problem you should have constant problem not occasionally, and not only with hibernation. As i said before the voltage and Hz is not a...
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    windows 7 sp 1 wireless networking problem

    when you first connected to wireless have you choose "home network"? If not go to Network options to change it.
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    Folder turned into a 0KB file?

    Have you try to open with "right click -> open with -> explorer"? To fix the folder use a program called "disk heal"
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    Whenever I try to open a webpage link, I get a download window.

    Its like the "shift" button is pressed. Do you have any GamePad connected? or some special feature of a laptop (like combination with FN). At last maybe is some of FFs extensions, something like "Tabmix"
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    Hiding .* files and folders

    programs starting with "." ? You can hide them only manually (or hide the folder)
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    Programs Loading Problem

    first try sfc /scannow to repair system files.
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    Can't connect internet, Unidentified Network

    Have "Default Gateway" properly configured or automatic. DNS doesnt affect "unidentified network". You can also reset winsock and resetlog. In cmd (with administrator rights) write netsh winsock reset catalog netsh int ip reset resetlog.txt Verify the correct gateway with ipconfig /all
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    i think that gigabyte supports xmp. If it doesnt, what will stop you for raising the Hz? In any case, now probably the rams running at 1333Mhz, what it will be the difference with native 1333Mhz rams? It think its hard error and ram. Even a Chkdsk (with /f /r switches) will solve the problem...
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    as you can see in the minidump the error comes from ntfs.sys, that means its error of the file system/hard drive. In combination with KERNEL_DATA_INPAGE_ERROR the most likely is that you have install windows 7 with IDE mode in you BIOS. Your Motherboard doesnt support native 1600Mhz, this...