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    Windows 10 Clean Install Windows 10: Product Key Question

    Hey everyone, Yesterday I installed the free upgrade from Windows 10 on my Republic of Gamers laptop, previously running Windows 7. I'm having some pretty severe issues, the biggest being that audio basically only works whenever it wants. This is a big deal for me because I use my computer for...
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    Windows Explorer crashes when right-clicking image files

    OK, here's my problem: Whenever I right-click on a picture file, Windows Explorer will freeze, saying Not Responding in the window title bar and in Task Manager. After ending the process and restarting Windows Explorer, I get an error that says "The remote procedure call failed and did not...
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    Shortcut created when disc inserted

    Sorry I haven't written back sooner. The problem seems to have stopped. I don't know what I did, but it's not doing it anymore.
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    Shortcut created when disc inserted

    I found an option that says "Display CD/DVD icon on Windows desktop", but it's unchecked.
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    Shortcut created when disc inserted

    Hey everyone. Ever since I installed TweakNow PowerPack 2010, whenever I put a disc in my DVD drive a shortcut to the disc appears on my desktop. It's really annoying. Will I have to remove TweakNow? Is there a way to disable this? Thanks in advance for any help. Yoshirocks
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    "No Internet Access" after Windows Update!

    If nothing here has helped yet, you might want to try using system restore to restore the computer to before the update. This might help.
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    Can't create new library

    A few weeks ago I figured out how to get it to work. I opened the Documents library and one of the options on the toolbar right below the menu bar (Not quite sure what it's called) was "Incluse in library". I clicked on it and one of the options was "New Library", so now it's working fine.
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    need help, not real computer savvy!

    My computer used to do some of that stuff sometimes, along with other things. It would start to take forever to start up and log on, programs would not open, and the ones that did were constantly crashing. If a system restore didn't work, you might want to create a new user account and move all...
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    Windows 7 Real Desktop

    That looks so cool!
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    Windows 7 Classic vs. New Start Menu

    The new start menu is SOOO much better than the old one. Anyone who likes the old one better is crazy! I can understand you liking it better if you have a slow computer because computers supposedly run faster with classic style. Otherwise, the new one is better.
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    How do you open music in different media player?

    Unless you wanna make the other media player your default, you'll want to make sure you-->UNCHECK<-- "Always use the selected program to open this kind of file".
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    Windows 7 won't start up, Startup Repair faliure on every boot up. [PANICKING!!!!]

    It sounds like either a HDD formatting problem, or maybe it's just a bad hard drive.
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    Windows 7 Submit your desktop!

    I just changed my desktop a little bit. Hope you like it. ;-D
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    Windows 7 Submit your desktop!

    This is my desktop.
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    Can't create new library

    By "Empty", I mean there's nothing there. Still not sure what I mean? Look at the video.