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    Post your rig's specs

    Here's my little baby ;) Intel i7 965 Extreme Edition ASUS Rampage II Extreme 12GB Corsair Dominator DDR3, PC3-12800 (1600) 2x 896MB XFX GTX 260 Black 2x28" HannsG WS 2x 19" Xerox WS LCD's 1x 120GB OCZ Core Series V2 SSD HDD 2x 750GB Samsung SATA2 - 7200 - 32MB 1200W Gigabyte ODIN Pro V2...
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    Windows 7 Windows 7 direct link for key

    They seem to have the servers full working now so you can just get your keys and downloads from - Download the Windows 7 Beta
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    Welcome to the Windows 7 Forums

    Good luck with the forum Mike.