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    Image Editing Apps .....

    GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP) Basicly an open source Photoshop alternative.
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    Is there a really simple table-creation app, so I don't have to struggle with Word or Excel?

    You could use Libre Office Calc and save the tables in csv-format (Comma Separated Values). That's enough for basic tables if you don't need to save, for example, the size of rows/columns, formatted text (bold, italics), etc. Those files are supported by both Libre Office and MS Office. Libre...
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    Is there a really simple table-creation app, so I don't have to struggle with Word or Excel?

    As I said, the Tables Generator webpage creates a plain text table (not really a table but a sequence of characters that looks like a table). So, any text editor (including Notepad and Wordpad) can handle them but editing the tables might be tedious (length of a value changes -> shape of the...
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    Is there a really simple table-creation app, so I don't have to struggle with Word or Excel?

    You can seen the result of each option right there on the web page. There's even an example table button. To get it on your computer press the copy to clipboard button and you can paste the generated text in a text editor. I guess Text table or Markdown table are the closest to what you want as...
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    Hi, need help with Dos?

    Everything under C:\Program Files\ should be write protected so that "normal" users can't add/delete/modify files there. Maybe if you run Powershell as Administrator, the Remove-item command will work?
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    How to Restart Computer When Mouse Pointer Freezes?

    Alt+F4, works for programs and the OS.
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    Windows 7 So What Are You Playing Right Now?

    OpenXCom with the Final Mod Pack: Final Mod Pack | OpenXCom Mod
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    How to prevent automatic app installs?

    Solved it, this requires a registry edit: Create a key "CloudContent" in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows. Inside that key create a new DWORD called "DisableWindowsConsumerFeatures" and set the value to 1.
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    Windows works word processor

    Star Office? What is that? I'd use Word Viewer instead. It's a free Microsoft product made specifically to view & print Word documents (does not allow editing). There's also Excel Viewer for Excel documents. Since they are made by MS they should not have any problems viewing the documents as...
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    Windows 10 Windows 10 IoT Unviersal App executable?

    Of course, but you need some kind of networking between the devices. You can do it with Azure, AllJoyn, Bluetooth (if you have a Bluetooth adapter for the Pi3), whatever... You don't even need a dedicated app on your tablet/computer. Just set up a web server on the Pi3, open a web browser and...
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    Using OEM version on a virtual machine

    Have you tried Wine? It's a compatibility layer that enables running Windows programs on Linux.
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    Media player

    Yes it is. If you watch a video with VLC, close VLC and then start the same video again it asks if you want to continue from the previous position.
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    How to remove watermark on videos using WMM 2012

    VirtualDub can blur the watermark with the correct filter.
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    windows 10 64 bit size question

    You could download the Windows 10 AU iso (to external storage if necessary), create a bootable USB flash drive or DVD and make a clean install. Of course then you'd have to reinstall all your applications, etc...
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    Windows 10 Holding down Backspace erasing typed text too slow

    Ctrl+Backspace deletes one word at a time in most text editors...