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  1. Jay NotApplicable

    Uploading video from Windows phone 8.0 to Onedrive??

    How do I upload video from Windows 8.0 on my phone to the Onedrive?
  2. Jay NotApplicable

    Make a desktop icon

    How do I make a desktop icon on the bottom of my screen? I had one, but lost it somehow.
  3. Jay NotApplicable

    How to show file extensions?

    How do I make Windows show the file extensions? Like .exe or .jpg
  4. Jay NotApplicable

    How to recognize a computer

    I'm trying to use TeamViewer to control another computer. But it won't recognize that another computer exists. The other computer is connected to my router, and it has internet. So what am I doing wrong?
  5. Jay NotApplicable

    Help please. How to remote control another computer

    I'm trying to control a computer from another computer. And I got this error message (attached)