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    How to re-assign file icons in WinExplorer ?

    After some re-configurations/installations files for some file extensions do not show the file icons of their corresponding programs any more in Windows Explorer. E.g. *.html file icons show not the Firefox thumbnails. How can I "refresh" the icon look again? Peter
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    Access shared folder on remote comp. with "net share" cmdd through VPN and IPv6?

    Ok, thank you. But how does your "hosts" workaround work in details? Lets say I want to connect from my notebook to a remote shared folder over IPv6 with a command like net use w: \\\myshare /persistent:no The remote computer understands (only) IPv6 What do I have to put into...
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    Apply cumulative Update to extracted Win10-ISO possible?

    Assume I download the base ISO for Win10 v1903 and extract the content into a directory (tree). Then I download a cumulative Update package for this Win10 version. How can I apply this Update package to the just extracted ISO Win10 directory tree? How can I later make an ISO out of this...
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    Access shared folder on remote comp. with "net share" cmdd through VPN and IPv6?

    In the past I mount a remote shared folder as drive W: in my local Windows Explorer with a command similar to: net use w: \\\myshare /persistent:no This works successfully on a IPv4 connection. At first: Which remote port does the "net share" command (implicitely) connect to on...
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    Switch to and send requests with IPv6: check compatibility?

    Assume I am sitting in a hotel and want to connect from my local Win10 notebook to a remote web server. The connection should not be "normal" IPv4 but IPv6. The remote web server speaks IPv6. Some questions: 1.) Is Win10 out-of-the box able to use IPv6 or do I have to activate it at first...
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    Search *.reg file to change file association for *.txt extension and/or txtfile type?

    Yes, I could change the file association via Win GUI or use some third party tools. However I prefer to do this directly in Registry by a *.reg file (in Win 7 64bit). How can I set my editor "D:\tools\editor\myeditor22.exe" as default editor when double clicking on a file with *.txt extension...
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    How to add new shortcut to own folder into file/folder selection dialog?

    As you know users have oftentimes to select a folder from inside a program. The default file selection dialog pops up and the users has to navigate manually through lots of folders in hierarchy to get to the preferred taregt folder. I can imagine that there is a faster way by adding own...
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    How to list all shares? How to cmdline remove GRANT for everyone ?

    To create a folder share and grant full permissions to user karl I can write on cmdline: net share "myshare123"="D:\tool" /GRANT:karl,FULL ok, it works. But what about the other way: Is there a way to generate all the full "net share" commands for ALL currently existing folder shares? I...
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    Each USB drive appears 2 times in File Explorer: Top Level and under "This PC"

    Thank you. But your solution seems to delete BOTH entries. I want to keep exactly one entry. Is this possible? Furthermore I prefer a solution by NOT fiddling directly in Registry. Is this possible?
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    Each USB drive appears 2 times in File Explorer: Top Level and under "This PC"

    ok, here is the snapshot This happens for all USB flash drives I plug-in
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    Double click on *.reg file does NOT change the key value in Registry

    I have a *.reg script which just modifies (overwrites) the value of a certain, existing Registry key. When I double click on it (similar to Win7) then a popup appears asking me if I really want to add the key. After clicking Ok I was informed that the key value has been added successfully...
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    Each USB drive appears 2 times in File Explorer: Top Level and under "This PC"

    Whenever I plugin an USB flash drive or USB hard disk then these devices are recognized by Win10 successfully. But they appear always two times in File Explorer: - As an entry on root level - as an entry below "This PC" The drive label is the same e.g. "USB Dive (F: )" How can I disable this...
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    Suddenly a new "Unidentified network" for Loopack: How to remove?

    Since a few days I have a new network in Control Panel--Network and internet--network and Sharing Center: Its labelled "unidentified network" and acts as loopback. See attached snapshot. I cannot figure out how this network entry was created. As far as I remember my Win7 worked well for a...
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    Avoid auto-deletion of suspicious files (threat) by Defender?

    Assume I extract a *.zip file. One of the files inside contain suspicious code. At least Windows Defender tells me that a Threat has been found AND Defender AUOTMATICALLY deletes this file. Thank you for the information about the (possible) threat. But I don't want a deletion! How can I tell...
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    How to get Registry value from old, mounted, offline Win 7 ?

    Assume I have mounted a Windows 7 image file (ISO or Aomei Backupper or TrueImage) to drive letter T: This Windows 7 is NOT the active, currently running one but an old backup archive file. Now I want to get a certain Registry value from this image resp. old Win 7. How can I achieve this? All...
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    Disable auto-start of Intel Driver & Support Assistant? Portability?

    As I found out the Intel Driver & Support Assistant starts automatically with windows. How can disable this auto-start? There is no corresponding option Moreover I would like to start the IDSA from USB flash drive in a portability mode. Ii IDSA (som ehow) portable? Peter
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    How to find out if I am Wifi-connected to Router or to Repeater?

    Ok, thank you. ....and how do I find out (from cmdline) the BSSID MAC address of the Router and the one of the Repeater?
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    Can USB v2.0 ports boot all bootable USB flash drives? Diff to USB v3.x?

    I have a problem with two bootable USB flash drives with some Tools on it. When I plug them into an USB v3.0 port then they boot successful. When I plug them into an USB v2.0 port on the same computer then they are NOT booting. Yes, in the latter case they appear in BootMenu as option to be...
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    How to find out if I am Wifi-connected to Router or to Repeater?

    The Wifi network here consists of a Router and a Repeater for it. Assume I am sitting with my notebook in the about mid between them. How can I find out if the computer is currently connected to Router or to Repeater? ...without physically touching the devices (e.g. disabling the repeater)? Peter
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    How to upgrade from very old to old Win10 version (not NOT newest)?

    Assume I have a notebook with Win10 v1803. Now I would like to upgrade this Win10 to ONLY (!) Win10 v1903 but NOT the newest v1909. Is this possible? How can I avoid beeing upgraded to newest v1909? Peter