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  1. riserbo

    Dragging effect

    Can you describe the effect for us? It's unclear whether this was built-in or an error that needs to be fixed.
  2. riserbo

    How to extend the taskbar onto a secondary monitor with Windows 7

    Have you looked into "Dual Monitor Taskbar"? It's specifically designed for Windows 7 and it's open source. Never tried this application myself, but after doing some research, it seems to do the trick.
  3. riserbo

    Windows 10 not detecting graphics card

    Does the graphics card show up under display adapters on Device Manager? (Windows Key + X > Device Manager)
  4. riserbo

    To skip disk checking, press any key in # seconds

    In order to clear the "dirty" message without the use of chkdsk you will have to move all your data from that drive, format it, and then move it back. This is an extremely lengthy process though, and may not be worth it if you're not getting any errors other than the "skip disk checking" message...
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    The message you should have received would have indicated that Microsoft (not Google) ended its support for Windows 7. This has been the case for a while now, and if you'd like to update your features, you will first have to upgrade to Windows 10.
  6. riserbo

    Brother Control Centre - BrCtrlCntr.exe

    Of course. You can temporarily disable it by opening Task Manager (ctrl + shift + esc or ctrl + alt + del -> Task Manager), finding "BrCtrlCntr.exe", clicking it, and pressing "End Task". After doing this, you should be able to install your software without interference. If that doesn't work...
  7. riserbo

    Brother Control Centre - BrCtrlCntr.exe

    Have you tried temporarily disabling the Brother Control Center to let the installation pass? You should be able to kill the process or quit from the icon in your Task Tray.
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    No problem. I hope you found what you were looking for
  9. riserbo

    Mouse stops working randomly

    When the mouse stops, do you know if the rest of the screen freezes along with it? Or is it just the mouse?
  10. riserbo

    Front Panel Not detecting Earphone's Mic

    If none of the mics you've tested work and it still fails when the microphone is enabled it might be a hardware problem.
  11. riserbo

    Front Panel Not detecting Earphone's Mic

    Did these issues start occurring after a Windows update? Have you already tried enabling access for your mic via Settings > Privacy > Microphone > "Change" > "Allow apps to access your microphone" You can also check sound settings here to check volume: Settings > System > Sound
  12. riserbo

    Skype Alternative.

    WhatsApp is a decent free option. It now has both a web and desktop client if you're looking for something like that.
  13. riserbo

    Why don't pop up blockers work anymore??? Any advert blockers?

    Quite true. There will always be some new clever way advertisers use to circumvent blockers. It has created a surprisingly large need for quality ad-block software. In this case, though, a simple ad-blocking extension should suffice in cutting out 80-90% of the ads mentioned above.
  14. riserbo

    Why don't pop up blockers work anymore??? Any advert blockers?

    The popup blocker is used to prevent new windows from opening without your permission. In order to prevent the on-page ads, consider getting an ad-blocking extension.
  15. riserbo

    Missing operating system after rebooting

    In terms of recovery utilities, I recommend Easy Recovery Essentials since it's free and easy to use. However, in this situation, you should probably look into installing a general-purpose version of Windows instead. A recovery tool may not help you now since Windows PE is a pre-installation...
  16. riserbo

    My laptop shutdown when I put it to sleep

    This does sound like a power issue. Does this happen immediately after you put it to sleep or later? Some laptops hibernate by default after sleeping for more than a couple hours.
  17. riserbo

    No Longer Record .WAVs

    Ok, good luck at the shop. Hopefully they will be able to find the problem.
  18. riserbo

    Missing operating system after rebooting

    How long have you been using this Windows version? Hiren's Boot CD PE is not a general-purpose OS and should only be used for deployment and recovery. It's based on Windows 10 PE x64 which automatically stops running and reboots while clearing all it's data 72 hours after activation...
  19. riserbo

    Missing operating system after rebooting

    It's likely that this was the result of a faulty BIOS configuration or damaged BCD (Boot Configuration Data). First, try accessing BIOS by pressing your computer's BIOS key during startup (usually Esc, F12, or Del). Once there, find the "Setup Default" option or "Reset to Default", enable it...
  20. riserbo

    No Longer Record .WAVs

    Hi, Are you recording using an external mic or something that was built-in? You mentioned you can no longer record "on all but one programme." Which one works? Is it possible that your mic properties were somehow screwed up? This would explain why only one program works since the mic may no...