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    [HELP] Need help regarding partioning. How to move XXGB from X: drive to Z: drive

    Ok I need major help on this! I'm currently on Vista Ultimate. If I go to Administrative Tools and select Computer Management and select "Disk Management" I can see my drives. PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!! I have the drives like this: DISK_0 [150GB] "MAIN BACKUP (D:)" - 150GB NTFS [Active...
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    What/When is the next Win 7 release after 7022

    I've got my partitions all ready. Gonna reinstall Win 7 as a dual boot but I didn't like 7022, especially since they took ReadyBoost out of that build. So I'd like to know.... WHAT is the next scheduled released build? WHEN will it be around? (Bonus question: How far along is MS atm? They at...
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    Windows 7 FEAR 2 -- Officially Out

    I get a steam.exe error when trying to install in Win7 beta. Any ideas? Steam.exe (main exception): ERROR: delete of Steam.exe failed, Win32 Error 5 "Access is Denied"
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    Windows 7 How do you get GTA IV to work in Win 7?????

    How do you get GTA IV to work in Win 7????? Link Removed - Invalid URL Anyone got GTA IV working in Windows 7?
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    Windows 7 and READYBOOST

    It looks like you can use multiple flash drives for Readyboost. I am using a 4GB and a 2GB both are Readyboost enabled. Windows Vista would not let that happen. If you tried adding a new one, it took the new one and deleted the old one and vice versa. Try it!
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    DirectX 11 is on Windows 7

    If you notice in "dxdiag" that Windows 7 is running DirectX 11. What I'd like to know is this. (a) How does this affect games and video cards that are DirectX 10 compatible? (b) What video cards that are currently out already have DirectX 11 support build in? (I have evga 9500 GT 512MB DDR2...
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    Windows 7 Flight Simulator X, anyone installed?

    Does it run better? Faster? Any news?