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    Solid-State Drive Install

    Ocz ssd I just put in one of the Summit 120 gig drives and did a new install at the same time and it put my performance score up to 6.2. Smoken fast. I like it :D Thomas:cool:
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    Re Pre-Order Win 7 -No Browser

    Our government sucks I have always ran MS software. To put it in simple context. It works !!!!! and when you run all MS software it rocks !!!! If these AXX'S want to compeet then they need to wright cood that is real good and can compeet with MS. All they do is bitch cause they don't know how...
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    Windows 7 Windows 7 RTM date has been shifted to 29th June.

    ??????? I don't think anyone knows what they are talking about. Just a bunch of dummies !!!!!
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    Has anyone got Directv2pc to work? I am using Windows 7 rc . I have it working somewhat. It will start and load a movie and start to play then it will tell me several error messages, audio drivers not protected content, video drivers not running on a protected screen. I have tried to run it in...
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    Nvidia Drivers.... 186.18 WHQL & 190.15 BETA

    186.18 This driver works better than any driver I have ever tried :p. Alot faster as well. :D Thomas :cool:
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    Windows 7 RC updates

    Updates I have goten 3 updates. One of them was a backup corection. Backup now works. I would say Windows 7 IS THE BEST OS OUT THERE !!! :redface: Thomas :cool:
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    SSD Drives

    Can all you poast your ssd scors here ? We are looking for the best bang for the buck. Thomas :cool:
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    Disappointing Win 7 Performance w/SSD

    Glad to find this poast !!!! I was getting ready to buy 2 of the OCZ 60 gig ssd drives. I think I will waite for a while till Windows 7 better suports them . :confused: Thanks :p Thomas :cool:
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    McAfee fix

    Those of you that are having problems with your McAfee updating. Goto controal pannel and click on services, goto Nvidia display service and right click on it, click on properties ans set to manual. Restart and then click on fix in McAfee and now click on update. When it is done set Nvidia back...
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    Windows 7 RC 7100 won't backup right. Not even from one hard drive to another drive. Reliability rating is running at 3 becuse of backup and antivirous problems. :mad: Thomas :cool:
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    Anti-Virus software....any suggestions?

    McAffee It seams McAfee has a bigproblem with Windows7 RC 7100, It won't update the definations and says you are not protected. Ran the McAfee Virtual Technician and it says it is all goodwith no problems, looks like a Windows 7 bug :confused: It has been this way for tow days. Also why did...
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    Black screen with windows 7 evaluation copy build 7100 when trying to finalize instal

    Two monitors Windows 7 will default to a hdmi tv if you have one hooked up. It happened to me and I installed it the second ti,e and it did the same thing. I findley went to the Sharp tv and there it was, the fix was go into the Nvidia controal pannel and set the default monitor. It was...
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    Windows 7 RC - May 5th

    7100 Thanks Microsoft !! Nice eye candy:cool:
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    Removing Kaspersky AV

    They own you They own you once you install their software. The only way to get rid of them is to do a compleat clean install and start over. :mad: Thomas :cool: I put it on all three os and am rebuilding the first now. Reformating all drives and reinstalling Windows XP, Then a new copy of...
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    Removing Kaspersky AV

    Remove And if you do yhat you will loose your Internet. The only way is to do a clean install. And you will loose everything. :mad: You can't even format the hard drive. You have to put in an old copy of Windows XP and do a clean install, and that will get rid of everything, Including Windows 7...
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    Removing Kaspersky AV

    How do you remove Kaspersky AV without loosing your Internet Access?? I figured out the problem. It was the nick cards on my system. I have a EVGA 780i motherboard and I had it configured to combine the nick cards and that was causing the problem. Fix was to uncombine them. Thomas :cool:
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    Antivirus issues

    Kaspersky Kaspersky is a good AV but if you ever want to replace it , you will have to format and do a clean install :confused:. If you remove it you loose your internet compleetley, :mad: it will shout down your nick cards!!! Pice of sxxx. As for me I am going to waite till Windows 7 goes to...
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    Numeric keypad not working

    Logitesh MX-5000 Do not use Windows 7 update, do it yourself. Go to your keyboard web sight amd download the driver software and install it yourself. Once you have done this it will work all ok. :D Thomas:cool:
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    Numeric keypad not working

    Keyboard I had the same problem. :confused: I have a Logitech Laser . I had to goto Logitech websight and download the driver for it. It has worked just fine ever since . :p Thomas :cool:
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    Nvidia GeForce 8600 GT driver update problem

    181.71 Goto Nvidia and download the 181.71 driver and install it. It comes with a drive eraser and then you will have to install it. Works fine , and is built for Windows 7 32 bit or 64 bit. Virsions . Thomas :cool: