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    Windows 7 Security

    I highly recommend listening to this podcast; it's lengthy so you might wanna listen during a drive or while your working. This particular episode covers in-depth about Windows 7 security: The TWiT Netcast Network with Leo Laporte
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    MSN Visual Bug

    Hm I don't remember if I disabled the Send Feedback/disabled shortcuts or it was removed from the RC, but I'll post it here. I'm using Windows 7 Basic theme on a laptop with bad ATI support so with Aero I get crashes when I go full screen in video/flash, but with the Basic theme enabled, if I...
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    Windows 7 NVidia Control Panel Not Launching

    I open up the Control Panel and launch the NVidia Control Panel and it just shows the loading icon next to the cursor for a split second and does nothing. It worked fine last time I used it around 3 days ago. I logged out and back in, re-installed the driver, nothing solved it. PS Re-installing...
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    Windows Live Messenger - No Disk Error

    Whenever my status is automatically set to idle after x number of minutes, I get this error "msnmsgr.exe no disc in the drive" with "Continue Retry Abort" and I must click it like 10 times for the message to go away. This happened to my friend also. I seem to recall this bug from along time ago...
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    Logitec Mouse Needs Driver

    In Windows XP, Any Linux, and Windows Vista use my Logitec V220 USB Cordless mouse fine when I plug it in. Detects driver and everything. Windows 7 requires the Logitec SetPoint software which causes my mouse settings not to save when I reboot! Anyone know how I can get my mouse working without...
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    Funny Battery Error

    I did some registry thing so my computer will do nothing when the battery is low because my battery reads low all the time on any OS. Not really a bug but funny to look at.
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    Mosue Stopped Working

    Mouse Stopped Working I rebooted from XP to 7 today and my mouse stopped working. I heard the USB Device sound like when you plug in a device when I booted, when I got to the machine my mouse was lit, everything worked except the USB mouse. I unplugged it and plugged it back in and it still...
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    Windows Explorer Random Crash

    Not much to say here. I go into a folder such as Music and Pictures and it crashed on me once or twice, "Explorer is not responding" then it restarts. My specs are in my signature. Drivers are up-to-date.
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    Wordpad Random Crashing

    I've been using Wordpad lots this morning and it will randomly "Not Responding" then fix itself after about 20 seconds. Any one else experiencing this?
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    No Thumbnails

    Not sure what I did, I think my thumbnails were working before... can't remember. Anywho, here's a screenshot. How can I get thumbnails working?
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    Devices & Printers Crash

    My whole system crashes and the screen goes a random color when I let Windows 7 try and detect my hardware etc. on my network in the Pearl -> Devices and Printers. Complete system lock up, no mouse or keyboard input. I have a Dell Inspiron 1501 w/ AMD Mobile Sempron 3500+ 1.8Ghz Processor...
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    Libraries Right Click Menu Expanded

    In Windows 7 (each build I tried, 6xxx, 6956, 7000) when I right click a file/folder my right click menu is really expanded. OS up-to-date on a Dell Inspiron 1501 w/ AMD Sempron 3500+ 1.8GHz, ATI X1150 256MB, 1.5GB RAM:
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    Windows Media Player Full Screen

    Im running Windows Vista Starter RC2 Build 5744 and when I full screen my widescreen videos in Windows Media Player, instead of the top and bottom bars being black in widescreen, they are green. I looked in preferences and tryed different colour options but it seemed none of them worked. Is...