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    Has anyone got Directv2pc to work? I am using Windows 7 rc . I have it working somewhat. It will start and load a movie and start to play then it will tell me several error messages, audio drivers not protected content, video drivers not running on a protected screen. I have tried to run it in...
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    SSD Drives

    Can all you poast your ssd scors here ? We are looking for the best bang for the buck. Thomas :cool:
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    McAfee fix

    Those of you that are having problems with your McAfee updating. Goto controal pannel and click on services, goto Nvidia display service and right click on it, click on properties ans set to manual. Restart and then click on fix in McAfee and now click on update. When it is done set Nvidia back...
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    Windows 7 RC 7100 won't backup right. Not even from one hard drive to another drive. Reliability rating is running at 3 becuse of backup and antivirous problems. :mad: Thomas :cool:
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    Removing Kaspersky AV

    How do you remove Kaspersky AV without loosing your Internet Access?? I figured out the problem. It was the nick cards on my system. I have a EVGA 780i motherboard and I had it configured to combine the nick cards and that was causing the problem. Fix was to uncombine them. Thomas :cool:
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    Unauthorized programs

    :mad: Has any one had Programs installing without you knowing it. I have had this happen twice. The first was The Weather Channel Desktop 6 . This program installed its self yestarday, had to do a reboot and it was trying to set its self up on my desktop, not onley did it try to install but it...
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    updates and no support

    I have set update settings to every setting they have. I do get deffinations updates. Isen't Microsoft supporting Windows 7 at all????? It seams we are all out here dooing them a favor and they are setting on their xxxxx doing nothing at all. I have sent them several problems and NOTHING AT ALL...
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    DVD Problems

    Every time I use the dvd to install anything I gat a message. Retry, Cancel, skip :confused: The only way to get it to stop is reboot. :mad: I have a HP light scribe DVD Amy one else having this problem ? :eek: Using Windows 7 64 bit Thomas :cool:
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    Speed 64 bit

    It seams that the 7000 realese runs slower :( that the pre realese 6801 and the 69xx but I am shure that will change with every update ;). Still one xxxx of a O/S. :D Thomas :cool:
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    Speed test !!!!!!

    SPEED !!!!! I always like to see for myself and found a benchmark that would run under all o/s Windows 7 32 bit is the fastest out there and I did compair appwls to appels Windows XP Pro 32 bit verses Windows 7 32 bit using 3Dmark03 Windows 7 blew Windows XP Pro away and that in alfa...