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  1. Blackfryar

    WM 12 - Changing Default from X32 to X64

    Hi, Can anyone suggest a simple (idiot proof) explanation of how to change the default Windows Media Player (12) from X32 to X64. Apologies if this has already covered in a previous thread. Many thanks. :)
  2. Blackfryar

    Disabling Devise Driver Signing

    I have just purchased and Eye-One Display2 to calibrate my monitor. My operating system is Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit. I have successfully downloaded the software. However when I try to connect the Eye-One Display 2 via the USB. My system does not recognize the drivers. I have been able to...
  3. Blackfryar

    Deleting to "Windows Old" File

    I've just changed to 64 bit from my previous 32 bit system via a clean install. My question. Is it OK to delete the "Windows Old" file which takes up 60gb on my hard drive? I have done this before and it was OK, I just wondered if there was an issue with the transfer to 64 bit format.
  4. Blackfryar

    Moving from 32bit to 64bit

    Hi, I'm looking for some advice before I take the plunge and move to 64bit. I'm currently using Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit and I'm considering reformatting my hard drive (after backing up) and reinstalling (via a clean install) Windows 7 on the 64 bit format. I'm assuming that when I boot...
  5. Blackfryar

    Back up and Restore

    Hi I'm currently in the process of backing up to an external hard drive. This process started at 2330 last night 06/11/09. Its now 0804 in the morning (07/11/09) and its only at 42%!!. This involves backing up around 200gb of data and a 60gb system image. My question is should it be taking...