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    Can't Disconnect External Drive?

    Why is it that so many Western Digital products suck at what they do? Every time I tried using a storage device by WD it's been acting up. One time a drive wasn't even being detected by a computer (or other computers I've tried it on) and now this new 1 TB external drive is not wanting to...
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    Windows 7 Quarantined Spyware.Keylogger

    My Symantec AV has quarantined a file that was a spyware.keylogger kind of malicious file. I know quarantining means to lock up a malicious threat so it doesn't spread, but, in this particular case, does quarantining mean its stopping it from doing what its name implies? Logging...
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    Updates on Shut Down

    Why does my “1 of 1” updates take at least 24+ hours to finish? Keep in mind these updates have never finished and I was always forced to hold down the power button to shut off my computer… Also what’s even weirder, is that the one time I shut down my computer and it did this kind of...
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    Disable Dell Automatic Software?

    How do I stop the Dell DataSafe Local Backup, and Dell Support Center from always randomly trying to do things in the middle of using my computer? Basically, Dell DataSafe keeps telling me to upgrade when I want it to shut up, and Dell Support Center always tries to run something (a framed black...
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    Constantly Backing Up

    I know of the option to back up your data on an external hard drive, at intervals, but in the past few years I've heard of "constantly backing up" which is basically that whenever something is downloaded on your computer, an exact copy is made on the external drive. All downloaded...
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    Why Do Half of Windows Updates Fail?

    About that much, seemingly, regardless of the version one's running. So many updates fail on a regular basis it's not even funny. More ridiculous, recently I've been noticing Windows 7 doesn't even automatically check all the updates it claims are important. Yes, I have it set to install...
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    Ease of Access

    I edited some settings in the keyboard section of the "Ease of Access" area on my W7 operating system. I was wondering how I can revert to the default settings there (since I don't know what they were), even it if means reverting everything in Ease of Access to the default settings, such as for...
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    Is This OK?

    I know this is random to a W7 forum, but I'm doing it less often. I'm just used to getting good answers from people here as they're very helpful and nice. :D See, sometimes I'll brush my teeth (and floss) and...I occasionally have this urge to drink some fruit juice afterwards. Now, would I...
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    Plug & Play

    Are mice and keyboards plug-and-play for laptops (automatically detected and ready to use)? Or will it require driver installation of any sort? If it helps I have a Dell laptop and will be buying a Dell keyboard and mice...
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    CRT Anti-Glare Filters

    So I understand that CRTs generally emit higher radiation and cause more stress/strain to the eyes than LCDs, for the most part. Right? Also, are anti-glare filters for CRT monitors also radiation blockers? Because that's what I'm really after - something that can block radiation from by 1995...
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    Windows Magnifier Default Options?

    I opened and used the Magnifier program on my Windows 7 to see an inverted video, but not quite sure what the default options were (there isn't a restore default settings on it), so if someone who hasn't used this program would kindly do these that would be great. :) - Tell what your is view...
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    Display Auto-Detect?

    I'm getting a new LCD display for my Windows XP machine. I right-click the desktop and go to settings to see the available resolutions, but does the list I see depend on what monitor the computer is hooked to, or is the list of the computer's specifically? Like if I hooked up to a different...
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    Meaning of This

    I'm wondering if someone here can assist me. Mainly my mother and bro advise (constantly) that I "get to meet new people", "go out", and "build my network" (well my brother says the last thing, Mom says all of them). However, not only do I find these phrases vague but they never seem promising...
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    Laptop Recommendation

    I want to say what I'm looking for in a laptop and get input from the W7 community on what I should buy. I'm not that brand specific, but usually I buy from Dell. I already have a home laptop, and it's sure to stay home even though I know it's meant to be portable, but I want it to be...
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    Water Heater Question

    I was just wondering after doing research on this. When water heaters in homes reach the end of their lives, do they just stop working, or do they always explode and create a flood? If it's the latter, or if the latter is more common and thus the norm, how do you anticipate about when it will...
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    Wallet Strings

    I've recently started looking into this, because today I came so close to losing my wallet in the city (if it wasn't for something, I would not have noticed I left it somewhere) and when I googled ways to not let this happen, I've been reading about "wallet chains" but I'm not interested in...
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    Transferring Photos on Photobucket

    Does anyone know if you can transfer photos from one account to another? :(
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    Changing Username or Display Name

    Can either of these be changed (if there is even a display name)? Or is there a way I can make my name look different inside the actual threads? Second, if I don't like my username and I can't change it, could I just make another account and stop using this one? Thanks.
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    Filing Taxes

    I live in Maryland and know it's past the deadline for filing 2010 federal taxes, but I don't owe any money and am due some money back instead, for the little income I made, and I file with 1040EZ. Can I still file taxes to recieve that money back and if so, what should I do if all the 1040EZ...
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    Braided USB Cable

    I was doing a little research about this. In some articles (that I could only find regarding cables in general) I couldn't tell what they were meaning by "braided", were they talking about the insides of the cable or an exterior sheath? I'm interested to find out about exterior braiding...