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  1. blackmagicislam

    Window 10

    What is update in window 10?
  2. blackmagicislam

    window 8

    How much time is taken to install it?
  3. blackmagicislam

    What updates in Window 8

  4. blackmagicislam

    Window 10 Draw backs

    What is draw back of Window 10
  5. blackmagicislam

    About Window 10

    What about Window 10?
  6. blackmagicislam

    Window 8 Installation

    step for window 8 Installation?
  7. blackmagicislam

    Whatsapp for pc issue

    Recently I download WhatsApp for pc it is approximately 125 MB when I install this software then it shows error in the system log currently, I using window 10 x86 what i do
  8. blackmagicislam

    Tell me best video making software

    I want to make a youtube video I need a software for editing purpose
  9. blackmagicislam

    Battery issue

    When I charge my old laptop then it shows " not charging" on the screen when I do charging after that my lappy is turning on when I plug out charge then my lappy is going to hibernate How I fix it ??????
  10. blackmagicislam

    How to disable automatic updates of window 10

    I am tired again and again updates of my window Please tell me Friends ???????
  11. blackmagicislam

    Window media player

    Is any way to play hevc codex movies on window media player
  12. blackmagicislam

    Dual window

    IN my pc, I installed window 7 now I planning for window 10 install i want to the dual window on my pc Please tell me how to make separate space for both windows
  13. blackmagicislam

    Tell me best video editing software for make youtube video

    I want to make video for youtube i still confused video editing softawre
  14. blackmagicislam

    What is difference between 32 bit and 64 bit in window 10

    Tell me friends Difference between x86 and x64 architecture
  15. blackmagicislam

    Window 10 is final version of window series

    Tell me window 10 is the last version of Microsoft os I still confused Because I heard many rumours of Microsoft window 12 is window 12 will released in June 2018
  16. blackmagicislam

    How to Change Windows 7 Boot Screen Animation

    Firstly is it possible to Change Windows 10 Boot Screen I use window 10 I want to own custom modification on window 10 Please tell me, friends ?
  17. blackmagicislam

    Which laptop is best fo me ?

    My budget is $350 to 550 $ my laptop is old Now I m planning of new laptop Please, guys suggest me
  18. blackmagicislam

    Which antivirus software best for windows 7 ?

    I am confused for antivirus because my pc is being halted several times previous I had used Kaspersky antivirus kaspersky is heavy antivirus as my opinion