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  1. Azareen

    Problems with MBR!

    The mbr on my Windows 10 professional laptop is missing or corrupt. I've tried to repair it through the command prompt but it won't let me run as administrator because it can not find the runas command. I have bootable usb and able to boot into the troubleshooting mode but it won't repair...
  2. Azareen

    Getting Windows 10 updates for an older build

    Hi I'm upgrading from a 32 bit Windows 10 Pro to a 64 bit Windows 10 Pro. I am using an older build DVD. Is there a faster way of getting the updates without going through Windows update looking for updates which takes a day? Thank you.
  3. Azareen

    Windows 10 Desktop Background Pictures

    I get these really cool pictures from Bing on my screen's background. It stays for a while, and gets replaced with another picture automatically. I like this feature very much, but I want to save some of the pictures and can't find where they are located? Thank you for your assistance.