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  1. nitewulf

    Windows 7 and Intel D875PBZ

    Has anyone successfully installed windows 7 (32 bit) on an Intel D875PBZ motherboard? I couldn't find anything in a forum or Google search and Intel says that no windows 7 drivers were developed for it. Just curious as I got a great deal on a new OEM board.I can live with Windows XP if I have to...
  2. nitewulf

    Upgrade from Windows 7 32 bit to 64 bit using same disk

    I know you can upgrade 32 bit to 64 bit using a custom install. My question though, is I installed Windows 7 32 bit using a retail upgrade disk. I've now decided I want to try 64 bit. Since the upgrade box contained 2 discs (32 & 64 bit), am I free to install the 64 bit on the same computer or...
  3. nitewulf

    Phantom Drive showing in Computer

    Somehow I've ended up with a "phantom" local disk Q showing in Computer. It shows as 0 bytes used and 0 free; it cannot be accessed. It does NOT show in either disk management or device manager. It is not my card reader which is removable drive F. I do not have an external drive connected of any...
  4. nitewulf

    Blurry Text after installing Windows 7

    It seems that some people, including myself, are having problems with blurry text after installing Windows 7. If you Google "blurry text and Windows 7" you will come up with many posts on various forums and websites. There are many suggestions, most obvious, such as updating videocard and...
  5. nitewulf

    Web pages compessed in IE8 after upgrading

    Here's one I haven't seen before. I upgraded an older Pentium 4 socket 478 from Vista 32 to Windows 7 Home Premium 32 doing a clean install. I thought that the desktop icons looked larger than they should and I was surprised to see under "personalization", "display", that "larger, 150%" was the...
  6. nitewulf

    Windows 7 AVG Virus Threat

    It just started tonight, but AVG 9.0 is warning that this site ( is infected and therefore being blocked. Has anyone else reporrted this? As soon as you access any page on your site the alert from AVG pops up. What's going on?
  7. nitewulf

    Boot Mgr. Entry after upgrade to win 7 pro

    I used an OEM full-version Windows 7 pro disk to do a clean install (not upgrade) over windows vista home premium. Everything is fine except now there are two lines in the boot manager. The first is Windows 7 and the second is Windows Vista Home Premium (recovered). This computer was purchased...
  8. nitewulf

    Promise SATA driver question.

    I'm getting ready to update a 3.4 P4 system from XP Pro to windows 7 (32 bit). The MB is an Asus PC4800-E. I have a WD 320GB Sata drive attached to the Promise onboard controller. The Win7 upgrade advisor says: WinXP Promise SATA378 (tm) IDE Controller Promise Technology Not compatible This...