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    second file opened minimized

    Hi! Can you explain the actions better? What exactly is the problem and if you can take a screen-shot that can help us.
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    Problema con las carpetas de usuarios. Aparecen todas con cadados

    Few tips I would try before everything else, rescue the data from those folders. If you can access the files and folders inside from the search bar, then just write *.* and you should see everything. Then just copy the data in another location (another HDD or Pen Drive). Then if you try things...
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    A very helpful Discovery..

    rbridgeman, can you remember the app? Can you try to find the name? It can be very useful. Thanks!
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    How to change the place of user files (documents)

    I`m using the libraries For security reasons I have the "My docs", "Music", "Downloads" and etc. folders in another partition just as you said before. In this case you can change the location as in the answer above, or Configure the Windows 7 libraries and use them. The libraries are easy way...
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    Media Center/ Media Player/ Winamp permanet blue screen

    Windows 7 Manager You can try using Windows 7 Manager. This is a customization, cleaning and repairing software. You can also create another User Account with administrator privileges, log in and check if the same happens. If there is no answer, just try reinstalling the OS.
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    Remote Desktop - desktop backround is black

    It`s for better performance ;) This is because you might need better connection and if you disable all not needed things you can have better performance. however, as you can see, there is no reason to worry, if you want to see it "beautiful", just enable it.
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    Reinstalling Wind 7

    Can`t format while using it!!! It is not logical to format a hard drive that is currently in use. Ways to do it: from another OS which is installed on another partition Hiren`s boot cd, System Rescue CD, or something similar Inserting the Windows 7 (or any OS) CD and rebooting. In this case...
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    Net Send replacement

    msg? MSG.EXE replaces Net Send in Windows Vista and 7, so have you tried using it? I think the syntax is the same, just replace the "net send" with the "msg" command.
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    Search - why doesn't MY W7 search in libraries

    Try it with another user account Well, I just opened Windows Explorer and tried it. It works perfectly. I`m using Windows 7 Ultimate, x86 version and it works. Try if it works properly with another User Account. This can help you determine the problem and if works in another account, just...
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    Windows 7 folder naming problem

    I`ve never seen this I`ve never seen something similar. However, if that happened just once it`s OK, but if happens every day I would run some registry-checking software or something similar to determine if the problem can be solved easily or you have to do something else. If you can`t...
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    Home Group, sharing certain folders do not work

    Check everything again Hi! I`m using home group and sometimes there are little bugs. However, just try something different, for example add the folder to some library that you are sharing and check if it works. Check everything again. For more info about setting up home group check this page...
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    Sharing Files with other devices.

    Very good answer Thanks, very good answer. Few months ago I had similar problem. I`m glad to see full and clear answer like this one ;)
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    A very helpful Discovery..

    10x Good job, thank you for the info, it is really helpful!!! You can use the "Search" also as "Run". In this case if you just write "psr" the search result will be "psr.exe", just click it and that`s it. Many users make changes to the Start Menu and later can`t find things... be careful ;)