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    Windows 8 Latency

    I have been using the windows 8 consumer preview since it came out. I am having issues with a higher than normal latency. WINDOWS 8 WINDOWS 7 If you look at the photo you will see that my latency is at about 1000-1300 on average. In windows 7 on the exact same machine with the exact same...
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    Graphics Driver ISsues

    I run an NVIDIA GTX480 Graphics Card. I am using the 285.27 Beta Graphics Driver that nvidia released on the 13th. So far the driver has run pretty smooth except for when i am in the metro interface and moving around it quickly. Like lets say I quickly scroll right and then quickly change back...
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    Hide Folder HiBit

    Hide Folder HiBit is the most awesome program I have ever seen to encrypt files properly. If anyone is looking for a free file encryption program please go and visit Register Hide folder HiBit Activation Code... You can get the free version easily by doing several things!!!
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    Energy Efficiency Diagnostic Tool

    As the description states, it is best to run while the system is idle, much like the WinSat "Windows Experience Index" process. Running powercfg -energy, you end up with results like this: Enabling tracing for 60 seconds... Observing system behavior... Analyzing trace data... Analysis...
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    Windows 7 Classic Start Menu Emulator

    Anyone that wants a classic start menu emulator for windows 7 try Link Removed - Invalid URL. Basiccally it gives you back your branching off menus and takes away some of the graphics in the new one. I have attached a screenshot of what it does.
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    Powercfg -energy Does not save file

    In the pre beta 6801 build the powercfg -energy command line command saved a file called energy-report.html to the system32 file folder. It worked perfectly. But now in the beta build when i ran the command it successfully runs and i go search for the file and when i search it shows up but says...
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    Watermark change

    Last night my computer did some updates in windows 7. When I turned it on this morning i noticed that the watermark had changed. Has anyone else noticed this yet? Attached is a photo showing the new watermark i have that only shows "Windows 7".
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    Windows 7 Classic vs. New Start Menu

    Which Start menu do you like the best, The Classic Windows 95- 2000 or the Vista/7 Start Menu?
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    Windows 7 Fanactics : Windows 7 Beta

    Lets hear what everyone thinks of the new windows 7 Beta?
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    Windows 7 Windows 7 On TechNet and MSDN

    Windows 7 Beta has been released on TechNet and MSDN and on Friday will be released worldwide to EVERYONE.
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    Windows 7 Problems

    When I boot into windows 7 it is as usual. You get icons, destkop, start menu, and all that stuff. When I try to open absolutely anything, The Start Menu, A folder on the desktop, task manager, an icon on the desktop, open the windows clock, absolutely anything windows screams at me and says...
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    Host Process for Windows Tasks has stopped working

    I get an error message 3-4 times daily saying that the windows host process has stopped working. I am using Build 6956. I am doing normal things that i always do like build web applications, searching the internet, and writing a word document. It appears out of no where. I have attached a...
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    Windows 7 Windows 7 Build 6956 Leaked

    Build 6956 leaked on the internet late friday. It includes the new boot screen, aero peek and the show desktop feature. learn more info by going to Link Removed - Not Found
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    Windows 7 Taskbar Problems

    My copy of Windows 7 had a fatal error yesterday and crashed. I reinstalled the operating system completely. After i reinstalled the system the first thing i tried to do was use the blue badge tool to enable the new superbar. It sort of worked. Yes it did show the new taskbar with jump menus...
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    Windows 7 Taskbar Problem

    I unlocked the windows 7 taskbar like every other person. The previews of the various windows always work. However everytime i put my computer in sleep or hibernate mode it removes the desktop preview things and just list the various windows. Again this is a small bug that I have found and needs...
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    File Transfer Problem

    I was on my desktop today transfering files to a brand new folder on my desktop called GRART245 Project 11. I had three files on the desktop that I wanted to transfer: Interview.docx, resume.docx, and flowchart.vsd. I put transferred them by clicking them all and then hovering over the folder...
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    COM Surrogate

    Everytime I try and open the control panel in Windows 7 I get a message that says that "COM Surrogate has Stopped Working". I looked at forums online and the same problem had happened in vista and they had a fix. When I downloaded and installed the fix it did not solve the problem. The problem...