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    Upgrade to different language?

    hi there, I wanted to know if there is a way to upgrade windows 7 build7000 (german) to build 7068 (english). Installer tells me it cannot be done but maybe there is a workaround. I don't care if my windows is german or english afterwards. any way to do this?
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    Windows 7 Anyone played Dawn of War II Beta on 7?

    hi, I preordered "Dawn Of War 2" yesterday and was wondering if anyone played the beta on 7? I'm really excited about the game but a little worried it will not run and I bought it for nothing. any experiences?
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    Windows 7 Different folder views saved for same folder?

    hi, I just noticed something odd: When I save a specific folder view for a folder (for example to show thumbnails for the files inside) windows saves that view. That isn't odd (of course), the odd thing is that when I visit that folder another way than last time, windows saves a seperate view...
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    Another sound problem ...

    hi, I just installed 7 (x64) on a friends PC. it's working fine except his sound isn't working. He uses the onboard sound of an Asus M2N-MX board, which should be a Realtek ALC662 card. the odd thing is that windows lists a properly installed "hd audio device" in the device manager, but when he...
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    Strange sharing issues

    hi guys, I'm having some issues with sharing folders under windows 7. But let me first say that I use the german version of windows so my terminiology may not always be right (not to mention my english ;-)) ... I hope you get it nonetheless. So I'm describing the steps I did (numerous times -_-)...
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    Windows 7 Change Sort by for one folder in library

    hi, does anyone know if it is somehow possible to change "Sort By" inside a library for just one folder? Problem is if I go to a library and for example select "sort by: size" for a folder this is applied for the entire library! but I only want it for that single folder! it works fine outside of...