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    Best backup software

    I have an interesting situation that I need some help with. A friend of mine who lives in Alaska has a Vista system with a 320g hd and also has two 160g hd's from his old system. I suggested that he install one of the 160's inside his new machine and get an USB or Esata external case for the...
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    Why does W 7 need 24 .pst files?

    After installing Office on my machine I noticed the amount of disk used space jumped by over 10 GB. After investigating I found 24 locations that the .pst is located. Can anyone explain why?
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    Make sure that "Disk Management" can see your drives.

    Upon installation of Windows 7 check that your drives are visable by Disk Manager, if not you will have problems as time passes, most notable is the inability to do disk fragmentation either by the built in defragmenter or by programs such as Perfect Disk. The operating System will perform like...
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    So,,, When is Service Pack one coming?

    While I had no problems installing 7 on both my desktop and an old Dell laptop and it is nice to have a fancy screen with all sorts of glizt in it, the main function of an operating system is to have functionality. About 80% of the programs I use no longer work or work with limited...
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    Windows Explorer custom toolbar

    I don't know if this went away in Vista, but in XP you could customize the tool bar and add buttons for delete, copy, undo etc. Without these it takes an extra mouse click to do any of these functions. If it is available in Win 7 WE I have not been able to find it. Any help?
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    Outlook will not save password

    Installed Office XP and set up a mail account, entered password and clicked save, however when attempting to send/receive mail I have to reenter password. This a problem with Win 7 as I did the exact same thing with a reloaded copy of XP and do not have the problem. Any ideas?