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    Bejeweled 3 incompatibility in Windows 10

    Bejeweled 3 is incompatible with Windows 10. It works fine in Windows 7, and work fine in Windows 10 if installed on Windows 7 before upgrading. Noticed that Netflix doesn't work with Edge, either: I get error H7361-1253-80070005. Netflix works fine in Chrome with Windows 10. I can't edit...
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    Unable to edit any comments made on Facebook

    I had a long-running post on Windows Forums pertaining to my inability to edit any comments made on Facebook with Internet Explorer 11. I can edit those comments with Chrome with no problem. Seems incredible that after two years I still can't edit comments with that browser. I have two Facebook...
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    ie9 fails to re-install on win 7 64 bit home

    excess ie9 crashes prompted me to attempt a fix, i uninstalled ie9, updated the ie8 that was left after a restart, had the ie9 downloaded, after updating ie8 fully, tried to reinstall ie9, but installation aborted with Troubleshoot problems when you cannot install Internet Explorer 9 as my only...
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    Windows 7 MSE Automatic Update Frequency

    A silly question, i was wondering if there was a way i could improve the automatic updating of Microsoft Security Essentials, I have noted that updates occur often many times per day, which is of course very good, as the best payware (eset) has frequent updates to it's credit. The automatic...
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    will there be drivers for my hp9110i

    i have windows 7 home premium and it works great. my problen is i bought a Hp9110i cd writer a few years ago, it was the best out there at the time, cost me 300 bucks, worked fine in xp, but not windows 7. weren't drivers one of the key benefits of windows 7 over vista? now my nice little cd...