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    Do I actually need to upgrade from 8.1 Pro to 10 Pro

    I've been running W10 ( alongside W8.1 Pro ) ever since the first technical preview and now have an activated W10 Pro ( insider preview ). Is this the final version or do I still need to upgrade from W8.1 ?
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    Insider Preview Taskbar reverts to one line view after reboot

    Even after setting the taskbar to two line view ( so I can see the complete day, date and time ) and locking it, it always reverts to one line view after a reboot. This has occurred with each release of W10 TP I've tried, does anybody have a solution for this.
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    Can I change the number of emails displayed per page in ?

    The number of emails displayed per page in is 35 ( reading pane is off ), does anybody know how to reduce this to 25 so that I don't need to scroll down ? I realise that I can obviate scrolling by reducing the zoom from 100% to 75% but I don't find that very comfortable, the text...
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    Delay displaying My Downloads in Windows Explorer

    For a while now I've had an annoying problem when using Windows Explorer under Windows 7 - if I click on My Documents, My Pictures etc. then the files, and their associated icons and chosen details, appear almost instantaneously yet if I click on My Downloads then it takes an age before...
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    Remapping Fn keys

    [ Solved ] Remapping Fn keys Hi there, As I use the copy/paste functions regularly, is it possible to map these to, for example, the F9 & F10 keys ? Thanks in advance for your help.
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    Exporting Outlook 2007 mail to Hotmail

    Does anybody know an ( easy ) way to export Outlook 2007 mail to Hotmail. It seems you can export the contacts using a CSV file but there doesn't seem to be an option for exporting a PST file or am I missing something ? Thanks in advance for any help.
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    Outlook not composing in HTML when sending a file by right-clicking it

    ( Now Solved ) I've set up Outlook 2007 to compose new mails in HTML which works fine when using the New Mail button but when I try to send a file by right-clicking it and choosing Send to Mail Recipient it defaults to plain text and I have to manually select HTML in the Options tab on the...
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    Difference in space usage between W7 Home Premium & Ultimate

    [Solved] Difference in space usage between W7 Home Premium & Ultimate ​Hi There, Can somebody please explain why Windows 7 Home Premium ( on my laptop ) is taking up more space than the Ultimate version on my desktop ? Both systems are installed, along with the application software, in the C...
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    I'm also thinking of buying a 64GB SSD for the OS and application software...

    ...but rather than re-installing the OS ( W7 Ultimate ) and all software can I not simply make an image and copy it to the SSD, thereafter modifying the BIOS to boot from the SSD rather than the original HDD leaving the latter available for data only ? I gather I have to disable Prefetch, Super...
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    PC resumes itself from hibernation

    For a while now my desktop, running W7 Ultimate, has been resuming itself from hibernation mode for, to me at least, no apparent reason. This seemed to start after installing Google Chrome browser and McAfee anti-virus, both of which have automatic update features. I uninstalled the former and...