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    Random BSOD

    My screen also looked low resolution and strange before it happened. What caused this?
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    Random BSOD

    Hello! I was watching netflix with my girlfriend and decided to check on the CSGO majors. But before steam even launched I got a BSOD :( What caused this?
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    BSOD on Windows 10 Multiple Times a Day

    Hello. I BSOD mostly when playing video games, but it can happen about ten seconds after logging in to Windows occasionally. I'd like to know what the problem is. I put new thermal paste on my CPU today (temps were a bit high) and also replaced the GPU cable to try and solve the issue, but I...
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    BSOD on new computer

    I recently got a new computer for my birthday and it has blue screened 4 times while I was playing games. Please help!! Mnidumps in folder.