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    Adobe Acrobat files

    Working fine for me WightWalker - there was an initial white screen displayed when I logged on, but within a second the pdf loaded. Windows 7 Professional, Aero turned on, link viewed in Firefox.
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    MS vs EU, MS forced to offer browser ballot

    I can imagine the EU rejecting this and asking MS to change the order of the browsers to alphabetical - as having IE as the first choice will not be fair to the other browsers (in which case Safari will probably change its name to 001 Safari ;)). What an absolute farce - and this is where all...
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    New nVidia WHQL Windows 7 drivers now available

    Version 190.38 NVIDIA DRIVERS 190.38 WHQL
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    Who has purchased a pre-order copy of Windows 7

    Have you purchased a pre-order copy of Windows 7?? I have purchased 2 copies of Pro and 1 copy of HP
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    When will amazon get more

    Might not happen now - don't forget that in Japan Windows 7 pre-orders at the special price were sold out of their entire allocation within the first day (too).
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    Windows 7 now available for pre-order in the UK

    Hurry though - most of the retailers are now showing it to be out of stock, especially at the prices advertised. Also the UK MS Store has been permanently down (overloaded) since around 8 am. There has been a huge interest in Windows 7 at the pre-order price for virtually everybody to be sold...
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    Free Delivery

    For Amazon you can get free delivery if you are prepared to wait an extra 3 or 4 days for it to arrive (I think they use 2nd class delivery for this option) I ordered both HP (£44.97) and Pro (£89.97) and was charged £3.34 +VAT for delivery (£3.84 inc VAT)
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    Microsoft Store is overloaded at the moment - been trying via Quidco to get to the store (and directly too), but getting a message saying the site is busy and try later. In the end I went to Amazon and ordered a copy of Professional (£89.97) and a copy of Home Premium (£44.97) - so still...
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    My Laptop keeps shutting down every 2 hours

    Check your system date - make sure it is July 2009 and not July 2010.
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    Windows 7 7264 has leaked in both flavors

    We are so close now to the actual release date (7 weeks or so), and with the discounted versions available then, I think I'll just stick with my present version (7201) as everything is working just fine at the moment :)
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    Windows 7 Both 32 and 64 bit will be included/

    Thanks loathe and Jessica for clearing that up - one guy on another forum had been saying that you could install the full version on two computers, which I was reluctant to believe as I had come across this in the past when I bought a laptop from Dell and I bought the full version of XP Pro at...
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    Windows 7 Windows Virtual PC for Windows 7 64-bit

    Not of my accounts package - that is between me and the Inland Revenue :p Just download it from Microsoft's web site and try it - you are obviously distrustful of anything anybody tells you. That way you can be sure. Costs nothing, takes a few minutes to install and get running.
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    Gigabit Network Driver Support for Win 7 64 bit

    I have twin Gigabit LAN ports on my Gigabyte board - both are Realtek chips and initially they both worked fine. Then Windows update informed me that there were new drivers available for these LAN ports, so I downloaded and installed them - only to find the new drivers didn't work and I...
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    Windows 7 Windows Virtual PC for Windows 7 64-bit

    I have tested it and can confirm it works - I have an accounts package which refused to run (or even install) on either Win XP x64, Vista x64 or Win7 x64 and I tried running in compatibility mode as far back as Win95. Installed the Virtual XP machine on Win7 x64, installed the accounts package...
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    adobe flash player in firefox not working?

    The Adobe flash player works fine in Firefox. However, sometimes if you have an older version of Flash Player installed, then the new one doesn't get installed properly in which case you need to download the Flash uninstaller from Adobe - see How to uninstall the Adobe Flash Player plug-in and...
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    Windows 7 M$ Announces Windows 7 Pricing (see Ultimate Pricing -- Yuck)

    Well, it seems as if they have raised the prices - you can buy Vista x64 (Retail) - ie the full product for around £175 - now we are expected to pay £230 for the upgrade Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate SP1 - Retail (66R-02266)
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    Europen Pricing unveiled.

    As the animal in the meercat ad says "Simple really" - just download one and write it to a CD before you purchase and install it.
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    Anti-Virus Programs in Win 7

    I was running AVG 8.5 but I had a couple of problems: 1. It was flagged by the Action Centre as having a problem (although it was working fine) 2. I run a program called Pictures to Exe which is a slideshow generator - these took absolutely ages to open (but the same file opened virtually...
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    Windows 7 keeps crashing at idle

    From what little I know, it is never a good idea to mix video cards. Is there any special reason why you must use the ATI card - if not could you sell it on ebay and buy another nVidia card.
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    Windows 7 keeps crashing at idle

    Is your system overclocked?? Have you tested the stability with Prime95 (recommended) or IntelBurnTest?? Does your new graphics card require its own separate voltage supply (it will have either one or two cable connectors on the card to which you should connect a separate feed from a special...