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    AHCI and SSD's

    According to a bulletin on the OCZ site; With AHCI on; my drive score went from 7.1 to 7.3, but my computer became unusable from the same symptoms quoted in the bulletin. As for my overall WPI score; it is limited to 4.4 because of the over emphasis on Aero Performance. I have not invested...
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    Solid-State Drive Install

    I installed an OCZ "Vertex" 60GB SSD as my C: Drive with a magnetic drive for files and backup. I now get to the Sign-on screen in 20sec. And everything launches super-quick. I like it! Only one glitch: The SSD did not like AHCI mode at all and locked-up repeatedly. I reconfigured the BIOS back...
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    Administrator Priviledges

    When I attempt to delete certain files or folders I am denied permission and prompted: "requires administrators permission". But I am the Administrator! And I am signed in as such. How do I fix this problem? Richard P.S. I will be installing a Solid-State Drive later today - OS & apps. -...
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    Desktop Manager Fails in S3 mode.

    When I "sleep" my machine in S-3 mode; upon waking, WDM quits and reverts to Basic mode, losing my prefered window color setting. Only a full re-start wil fix it! When I set the BIOS to use S-1 suspend type, sleep/wake-up does not cause the problem - my window color setting is retained - however...
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    Time to Shut-down

    I would like to know what others are experiencing with shut-down time. My machine was getting slower and slower (5 min. or more) until I did a Defrag using the embeded application instead of using Power-Defrag which had worked for me in the past, but not lately...
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    Internet Explorer 8

    After starting windows from a shut-down condition; Upon launch of IE8, I almost always get the dialog "IE closed unexpectedly, do you want to restore your last session?" This is is an invalid warning, as I always close IE manually (after clearing browsing history, etc.) before shutting down)...
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    Windows 7 RC: I like it!

    So far I like the RC. It doesn't crash or lock-up (IE8) like the Beta frequently did while browsing, and the "Delete Browsing History" function actually does the job now; when I do a disk cleanup, the temp files are already empty, whereas they were still there with the Beta. Shutdown takes...
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    Start/Shut Down

    My installation starts up OK; although it seems to have trouble launching the icons in the toolbar and the system monitor area - that part takes a bit too long. Shut down takes a very long time compared to 7 Beta. Rick
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    Windows 7 RC Install

    This was a real Mother......! But I finally got it done, with all my files and applications re-installed. There are limits to what can be restored from backup, and I had do do a lot of it manually. I have to say, that my sanity was seriously challenged during my repeated attempts - at least four...
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    Windows 7RC

    I just restored my system to W 7 Beta after struggling for much too long with the new RC Build 7100. I was trying the 64 bit version and I could not get it to work out for me at all! IE Explorer would not launch at all; just a brief flash on the screen. And I was not able to copy my files and...
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    Auto window re-sizing

    Is it possible to disable the feature that re-sizes a window to full-screen when I (accidentally) move the window slightly off screen. I find this to be very annoying!:(
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    New Clean Install

    I have been using W7 for a week with various gimicks to thwart the driver signing issue. Last night, I did a clean install and restored my applications from backup. In some cases (Office, Outlook, Power DVD) I had to re-install from the original media, but my settings and data were preserved...
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    Solution for DVD Driver Signing Issue

    I have found that the driver signing problem can be bypassed with a single command: bcdedit.exe -set testsigning_on This works without having to do a complete Fresh Install and will not bog down the boot process.
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    DVD driver will not install.

    My DVD drive is inoperable after installing "7" (64bit). The driver signature is not verified, so says the dialog.:( If I buy a new DVD drive, how can I know it will work any differently? Any suggestions are appreciated.:) Update: I downloaded and installed "ReadyDriverPlus" which was...