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    Windows 7 64 bit - Explorer has stopped working

    I have a client pc, that is Windows 7 64-bit SP1. They complained about getting pop ups, initially thought it was spyware. However, after going on-site it is a an error of Windows Explorer has stopped working. I was able to copy combofix from a flash drive to the hard drive using cmd prompt...
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    Malicious Software Removal Tool

    The Malicious software tool is part of windows updates, but it can really take a long time when it is run. When you are notified for Windows updates by the icon in the lower right hand corner you can deselect it and hide it so it won't be installed. Double click on the icon and you will see the...
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    Outlook 2010 Crashes during reply/fwd

    I am having an issue with Outlook 2010 crashes. I have a user that attempts to reply/forward a message and it immediately crashes and restarts. Windows 7 32-bit with Office 2010. I have disabled all of the add-ins, with no luck. Now, when I start outlook in safe mode this does not happen...
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    Add Printer Wizard Not Showing Add network Printer

    Mike, thank you very much for the help. That worked like a charm, I just needed to add the provider order and the option came right back. The link was very much appreciated.
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    Add Printer Wizard Not Showing Add network Printer

    Thanks Mike....I will check this out and follow up.
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    Add Printer Wizard Not Showing Add network Printer

    I have a client running Windows 7 64-bit Professional workstation. When he attempts to run the add printer wizard, he only receives the option to add a local printer. The second option to add a network printer, bluetooth or wireless printer does not appear. The spooler service is running and...