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    Windows 7 windows 7 GameGuard fix!

    Re: THE Fix what is the exact problem.. and what game is it. i doubt this fix will do much anymore.
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    Windows 7 windows 7 GameGuard fix!

    Re: THE Fix Do you know how old this topic is? This is a fix for windows 7 BETA editions. Gameguard works fine now. lol...
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    Resolution Problem

    i have this exact same problem lol. im sure theres some way to change it. but at 4 am im too tired to dig around. ill look into it tomorow
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    Windows 7 windows 7 GameGuard fix!

    just go to your gameguard folder and replace this file with your current one. do this for every GG game it works! have fun =D
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    Windows 7 Stormrise

    run it as vista sp1.. is it that hard?
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    Why windows 7

    make your computer twice as fast. Has a great new look to it. A lot of little improvements from vista which makes the system and you feel totally good when using it. Less bugs (most of the time).
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    Video Card Question

    also ill be upgrading with the step up programin in a month or 2. what would be a better upgrade? 1 gig DDR3 (havnt decided on the exact cards yet as i have a month) or 512 mb DDR5 i know more video memory is good for my screen but isn't 512 mb enough? or would 1 gig really help me out more...
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    Windows 7 7068 x86 leaked?

    soo whats new in this build? is it worth upgrading form 7057?
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    Windows 7 a bugless working virtualDrive on windows 7!

    scince daemon tools/alcohol STILL dont work and magicISo still bugs your PC to a point of no return i went to look for a good working one. i finally found a bugless one that works flawlessly on windows 7. its called VirtualDrive pro 11 Link Removed due to 404 Error screenshots of me using it...
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    Windows 7 Stormrise

    yeah upgrade to 7057. thats what im using and it ran without any problems/special mode's.
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    Video Card Question

    its a 8600 GT 512mb. i also had a choice of 8600 Gt overclocked (the 256mb ddr3 one) Mine: Link Removed - Invalid URL other Choice; Link Removed - Invalid URL edit: also to add i mainly picked this one cause i love to watch HD movies on my computer and as much as i know this is the better...
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    Video Card Question

    easy enough. my native resolution i assume is desktop. then the max i can put it on is 1600x1050 (or something like that) And i play alot of FPS/TPs, Racing and RTS (just starting to get into them). also my screen is 22 inch HD widescreen if that helps im asking this because i already chose...
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    Video Card Question

    whats better? A 256 mb DDR3 Or A 512 mb DDR2
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    Windows 7 Stormrise

    make sure ure video card supports DX10. some DX10 games also support DX9 but not stormrise. its DX10 only
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    Windows 7 Win7 7057 x86 leaked!

    its telling me 28 days and it is in the retail branch :P.
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    W7 7048 x86 leaked!

    before i go get this (got 7022 and am happy with it) is it working fine and better? cause i can only find slow RS links :x
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    3 Official Beta Antiviruses for windows 7 (legal + free) Norton + Kaspersky + AVG

    lol these are not horrible IMO. ehh these wer made to be tested just like windows 7 is made to be tested. so for anyone that doesnt know about these or that wants to try the NEWEST out there this is for that guy.
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    3 Official Beta Antiviruses for windows 7 (legal + free) Norton + Kaspersky + AVG

    chekc your mail they give u a key so its good for alot more
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    how to boot into safe mode?

    I lol'ed @ that.