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    Windows 7 windows 7 GameGuard fix!

    just go to your gameguard folder and replace this file with your current one. do this for every GG game it works! have fun =D
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    Windows 7 a bugless working virtualDrive on windows 7!

    scince daemon tools/alcohol STILL dont work and magicISo still bugs your PC to a point of no return i went to look for a good working one. i finally found a bugless one that works flawlessly on windows 7. its called VirtualDrive pro 11 Link Removed due to 404 Error screenshots of me using it...
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    Video Card Question

    whats better? A 256 mb DDR3 Or A 512 mb DDR2
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    3 Official Beta Antiviruses for windows 7 (legal + free) Norton + Kaspersky + AVG

    well this is for anyone that doese not know about this. if you are using windows 7 there are already anti viruses from the bigger companies made specificlly for windows 7 and they end when the beta is over. so they are free for you to use fully and legally. Norton 360 v3 Win7 : Anti-spyware...
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    windows 7 Beta 7022

    i just got it. this thing rocks... to me it feels much more smooth. im nto getting the same random freeze up with folders from time to time i got in 7000. so far no BSOD,No bugs. no incompatible drivers or anything. im going to try daemon tools in about 2 hours to see if it works yet. torrent...
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    Great way to report most of your problems

    well here is a new thing in windows 7 called "Problem Steps Recorder" . for anyone having any problem please use this as i found it very usefull. Go to Start menu In the search program and files type "Record Steps" select the 1st one on the list as shown here: Then a window should pop up...
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    No option to dual boot

    basiclly when i open my computer it goese straight to windows 7/ windows xp (whichever is in the sata 0 slot at the time). my friend installed windows 7 and he got a option to pick from windows 7 or "earlier version of Windows" which is windows xp. any way i can do this so i dont have to keep...
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    BIO's Problem

    yes i know this has nothing to do with windows 7 but i think more people can help me on this forum then if i were to ask anywhere else. basiclly i want to make 3 sata cables/ports/whatever it is called for use. my current bios settings disabled most of them (i have 6 and am only allowed to use 2...
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    Windows 7 Gamers paradise

    i dont know if im allowed to post this but i think its a good way to get people in. theres social groups on this forum. basiclly i made gamers paradise . join so we can be a active one. people can talk/rant about games easier then posting a whole topic here (when this is made to be a problems...
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    Internet doesnt work on win 7

    well i sintalled it. it gave me no choice at 1st on what kind of internet i have like home and etc.. it told me nothing about internet. so when it was done installing i have no internet. i have it on my windows xp sp2 tho. my modem is motorola SBV5120 i cant even find a driver for it x.x...
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    a program changed my windows 7 to 16 bit...

    well i installed a program that auto cahnged my windows to 16 bit. i cant find out how to change it back. any help would be usefull thanks
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    any instalation problem.

    well i have a big problem. 80% of programs ive tryed to install do not work. starting from directx (im missing some files needed) to windows live Redistributable to games like gta 4 and saints row 2 and so on. i cannot get any installation except norton and aim working. i have tried running it...