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    nvlddmkm.sys 3d driver BSOD

    hello everyone I have an NVidia gpu driver I think its gt-350m in my laptop, and also I have a built-in 3D-IR which connects to the 3D glasses emitter... now the main problem is that when I switch on the 3d a BSOD suddenly appears with an error saying " PAGE FAULT IN NON PAGED AREA" by...
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    Windows 7 get red alert 2 to work on multithreaded pcs

    hello everybody I have a laptop with a processor i7-740qm (4 cores- 8 threads) it is rated 1.73ghz, and I am trying to play red alert 2 on my windows 7. as I have noticed that the game runs very slowly, so the question is how can I run these old games like red alert to work on a multi threaded...
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    hELLO EVERYONE This is my first post,and i wish if you could help me fix a problem i created by mistake... I have a windows 7 on my toshiba laptop, and i instaled ubuntu on the same partitionas windows... and now it is not like a dual boot, but when the ubuntu starts it gives abt 5 sec to...