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    Windows Command Reference

    Very Helpful
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    Add Shutdown and Restart shortcuts to Desktop

    Thanks for sharing this information.... I will surely try it out.
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    Release date confirmation

    yes the release date for window8 is near to october end.....
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    Windows 8 Why Windows 8 Needs Metro

    While I agree that MSFT needs to evolve to survive, putting Metro on top of the Windows desktop should not be characterized as brilliant. It's merely necessary. It's the obvious thing to do if you are starting with a legacy OS and you want to continue to provide legacy compatibility while also...
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    Windows 8 Microsoft to back giant Windows 8 touchscreens

    don't know... may be....
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    Windows 8 Is Putting Windows 8 On The iPhone A Capital Offense?

    If somebody wants to add a little bit of Windows 8 to their iPhone, they will have already committed the unthinkable crime of going against Apple's wishes by jailbreaking their iPhone. Regardless, its a pretty sweet reskin and it looks just like the Metro UI that we've come to either love or...
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    Abort shortcut

    Thanks for this information........ it will really help me out.....
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    Can I do a clean install to a blank drive w/ a Win8 Upgrade?

    I guess this link will help you to understand the concept in a better way.... GO:Install Windows 7 or 8 upgrade version on a blank hard drive WITHOUT XP - YouTube
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    More Interesting Facts

    but upgrading is for forty bucks if you purchase before the end of January 2013 after that the price may get changed.
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    Windows 8 Microsoft Announces Windows 8 Release Date

    And also it will arrive the same time as the new Surface tablet, also produced by Microsoft. Current users of Windows X-P, Vista or Seven can upgrade to Windows Eight for forty bucks only if they purchase it before the end of January 2013.
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    Computer addiction

    seriously we all without internet is like fish without water.... it is very hard to spend a single minute without internet....
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    Windows 8 Microsoft to back giant Windows 8 touchscreens

    wow...... this is a great news..... i just want to know that when these devices will be in the hand of the users???