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    KB2604110 will not go away - it is installed

    Hi, I keep being offered this Security Update Microsoft .NET Frame 3.0 SP2 Update and it is already installed. I have uninstalled it a number if times and them\n reinstalled it but this Update message will not go away. Any help would be appreciated. :confused: System: 2.85 Gigahertz Intel...
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    w_1^VX!!!!!!!!!MKKSkPubPrimary>tW{~$4Q]c@?F@6kxaTO5 %1 - 30/12/1899

    Hi, Every time after a reboot that I try to open any of the Office 2007 programs I get this Warning Message from Online Armor. Auto Run Detected. Ask to Allow or Block. Which ever I choose the Warning Message occurs 4 times. Next time after reboot the same thing...
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    Cannot Open Any Programs - get Error Message "windows cannot access specified device, path or file .

    Hi, Newbie here and it is not even my own PC. My kid has a Toshiba Mini Notebook (NB255) with Windows 7 Starter. Starting yesterday we can no longer open any programs on the Notebook. The system boots and the desktop loads but only a small number of system? programs load and then nothing...