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  1. Saltgrass

    Math problem concern Fat32 and a MicroSD card.

    Considering the information below regarding the restrictions on a Fat32 partition. The question has arisen so a clarification regarding the wording of the files is necessary. So, suppose you have a parent folder which contains no files but many child folders, approx. 660. Each one of those...
  2. Saltgrass

    Problem with Bing Weather?

    On both of my Windows 8.1 systems, the MSN Weather app has decided it does not want to open correctly. The live tile works and the App appears to open, but the circling dots never stop. Possibly it is trying to get info from some source and is unable to do so. I have uninstalled and...
  3. Saltgrass

    Microsoft Phone activation being Robo Called?

    I just got an M.2 PCIe 3.0 SSD. It is really fast, but I applied my 8.1 image to the drive and it came out not activated. Not sure why, but I had to call the Activation site. I was greeted by instructions to enter some numbers I was given just to get to the actual activation. Basically, two...
  4. Saltgrass

    Testing OneDrive Share..

    I have been trying to use OneDrive to supply links to images in forum posts. It doesn't seem to be working out as I expect, so I am testing so I can see how this one looks. I would like to be able to place the actual photo instead of the link, but I don't think Embed works too well on some...
  5. Saltgrass

    New KB3081438, no support info..

    Anyone know what this update was about. The support info page seems to not be functional for this one. It was for 3081436.
  6. Saltgrass

    Windows 10 Start Menu opens from sleep?

    Anybody else notice the Start Menu is open when the Windows 10 system resumes from sleep? At first I thought maybe the mouse was left over the Start Button which was opening the menu, but that does not appear to be the case. I suppose this is designed as part of the Revenue Stream Microsoft is...
  7. Saltgrass

    Is Windows 8.1 being Morphed into 10?

    I am seeing quite a few "Optional" updates for Windows 10. Some of those are related to the Update process. I realize they may just be realigning the Update servers or some necessary change in order to keep the update process working, but are they doing more? Making changes to the Update...
  8. Saltgrass

    KB3081424- one heck of an update...!

    If I remember correctly, this is the second update where they replace a bunch of .dll files. The last time they found some type of problem. Have they found another problem or were these files not replaced the first time...? At least the Support Info page is working.
  9. Saltgrass

    Does Windows 10 default to 59Hz refresh rate.

    I have two systems, one running Nvidia and one Intel graphics. On both systems, the default refresh rate was selected as 59 Hz by Windows 10. The monitors are rated at 60 Hz and the screen appears clean at that refresh rate where it appears fuzzy at 59 Hz. Is Windows 10 incorrectly deciding...
  10. Saltgrass

    Install after reservation might take weeks...

    I just saw this notice on the Microsoft site. Since I just reserved the upgrade today, looks they are talking to me,, ;) Windows - Microsoft Community
  11. Saltgrass

    Insider Preview Wow, newest updates seem to have messed with Network Adapters

    Anyone interested might trying to enable or disable their network adapters. It seems there has been some change with KB3047680 or 681 where the Network Adapter dialog window will close if you try to change the status. Maybe it is just a fluke but a couple of more hours should tell.
  12. Saltgrass

    Windows 10 Who will do the Tutorials for Windows 10

    I figure, if done and presented correctly, it will take about 5 tutorials to answer 98% of any questions about Windows 10. Such things as how to make a Public Network a Private Network should be very popular. And it should not be much of a stretch to find other common questions. The ones...
  13. Saltgrass

    New Nvidia Driver 353.54

    This new driver just showed up on Windows Update... I will be check it on both my machines. Edit: Got a Blue Screen during the download of new updates. I suppose the new driver will be better.. really tired of these Blue Screens... :(
  14. Saltgrass

    Internet getting dangerous.

    There was once a time when you might only expect to pick up some malicious software on certain types of websites. It seems now, almost anywhere might expose you to such things. I was doing something as innocent as looking for the radio frequencies used in Microwave ovens and ended up getting...
  15. Saltgrass

    Windows 10 Downloading 10240...

    Just saw it come up.
  16. Saltgrass

    Windows 10 Anyone heard of a new RTM date?

    I was just wondering, since July 9th has been missed, I have heard it will be sometime around July 16th. Anyone heard anything for sure? I still haven't deciphered the comments about releasing the final version to the Insiders on July 29th. I suppose technically, the public release has been...
  17. Saltgrass

    Insider Preview Unusual Download activity with 10162

    This started with 10159, but I normally watch Task Manager so I can see the download speeds. With 10159 and now on 3 machines with 10162, when the download first starts, the download progress stays at 0%. At that same time, there is a download happening at 50 Mbps and lasts for several...
  18. Saltgrass

    Insider Preview Downloading 10159 now...what's up?

    Well, I thought 10158 would be the last build before the final... looks like I was wrong. I wonder why so soon, maybe 10158 had some problem. It shows available in Windows Update, but so far it has not started actually downloading. Now it seems to be downloading at 50 Mbps... we will see...
  19. Saltgrass

    Insider Preview Downloading 10158

    Looks like this one is available... Edit: Well, I am back, install seemed to go fine...
  20. Saltgrass

    Insider Preview Anybody else miss the Network connection speed information?

    I have been look for, but unable to find the information about what speed at which a system was connected to the network. It used to be on the Network tab of Task Manager, but no longer. It does show what type of connection, such as 802.11n, but not the speed. This info has come in handy in...