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  1. Bekrah

    Windows Issue Or Gaming Mouse Software Issue?

    The UI for this particular gaming mouse software (Roccat Swarm), almost immediately closes upon execution. When I mouse over the software's icon on the taskbar tray, it disappears. I'm not sure if this is more of a Windows issue of just something wrong with the software. This is a recent issue...
  2. Bekrah

    ROCCAT Swarm Software Opens and Then Crashes Immediately

    I own a ROCCAT LeadR gaming mouse and it has worked fine up until recently but now the software work stay open which renders the mouse unusable. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling multiple times and nothing seems to work. The software seems to immediately crash upon execution. The task...
  3. Bekrah

    Windows 10 How To Auto Log Onto Win10 Without Entering Password After Reboot

    I have recently notice that after I changed the name of my PC, my computer no longer automatically logs into Windows after a reboot. It gets hung up on the login screen and now I notice TWO profiles at the lower left hand corner. I don’t need the profile which is highlighted in red. I assume...
  4. Bekrah

    Windows 8 Customizing Number of Tile Columns?

    I want to be able to choose where my tiles go when placed inside of a group. Notice the screenshot below. I would like the Left4Dead 2 tile and the StarCraft 2 to be placed right below the Batman tile (which would give me only 3 columns but every time I placed them there, then 2 more tiles...