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    SAMBA connection problem; proven to be on the windows side.

    I have a linux share on a freshly installed newest version fedora 27 box. And I dnf'ed the latest standard samba. Windows 10 (pro) can't connect to it. I've tried for literally 20 hours accumulated over the past 10 days. Windows is to blame. How do I know? Because another linux server can...
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    The "This PC" icon disappeared, and I know how to fix it, by why did it?

    Spontaneously the "This PC" icon on my desktop (Windows 10), disappeared. I know how to fix it, and I did, but my question is why does that happen? I haven't done anything unusual lately. So I'm worried it's either the hard drive beginning to fail or a virus. What are some possible reasons...
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    Remove a directory from backup?

    OK this is a fairly simple question I think- but it's kinda hard to google for- So, I have a backup drive using windows 10's standard backup to an external drive. But I accidentally included a directory that I didn't want to, because it's too big, and now the drive is maxed; full. How do I...