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  1. Bassie

    No Edge-icon in pdf-contextmenu !

    The Edge-icon is missing in the pdf-contextmenu , it should be next to ( Open with) Microsoft Edge . After the upgrade to 2004 its still gone to repair , any idea ? Its a white spot now , how to get this icon back again...........
  2. Bassie

    Stubborn VSS-errors in the Eventviewer of Win10 1903 .

    Since the upgrade from 1809 to latest 1903 , Im getting two VSS-errors in the Eventviewer , after every shutdown/reboot . They are ; VSS error 8193 and VSS error 13 . Never seen these before , all is working fine , Windows Backups also . Wish I could find a solution to get rid of them , I like a...
  3. Bassie

    Windows 10 Creators Update BSOD on cold boot.

    This thread follows on from post #159 in the thread found found here: Windows 10 Creators Update Well, tried again ,no luck still this BSOD,only after cold reboot( wait for about 30minutes,PC off) ,then BSOD with message; Driver IRQL not LESS OR EQUAL. Then PC reboots into Windows. I have some...
  4. Bassie

    Eset-integration with Outlook 2016

    I can not find Eset in Outlook 2016. Just updated Eset Smart Security from 8 to 9-version and installed the new Office 2016 on my Windows 7. In Outlook 2013 I could see Eset , Outlook 2016 its gone! Anybody who can help??