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  1. albert709

    What Is The Cheapest, Lightweight, Antivirus Software

    I've used Malwarebytes Pro for years and never had any real malware of viruses.
  2. albert709

    Game Crashes (with dump files)

    Btw no issues today so far, haven't launched any game. Just using chrome again.
  3. albert709

    How to Properly Disable Cortana in Microsoft Windows 10

    All I do on machines is right click taskbar and then where you see "Cortana" just click "hidden" and you will never know it is there.
  4. albert709

    Insider Preview Lost Features

    It makes my computer screen go black what should I do
  5. albert709

    Windows 10 Windows 10 stuck on repair screen after new hardware installation

    The only other thing I can think of is to go into the BIOS and if set to IDE change to ACHI, if ACHI change to IDE.
  6. albert709

    Windows 10 My computer randomly keeps restarting!

    Last update was a week ago.
  7. albert709

    Insider Preview Windows 10 Insider Preview

    Gah Microsoft, pulling numbers out of their ass again Also 10 seems to add features linux has had for eons now like virtual desktops.
  8. albert709

    Uninstall *ALL* Metro UI Apps?

    Would you say this method is better than using something like IoBit Advanced System Care to uninstall?