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  1. abrogard

    Has Macrium Made Things Worse?

    My win10 machine wouldn't boot. I tried system restore but it failed. Three or four restore points to go back to and none of them succeeded. I ran Kyhi's usb and found macrium on it. I thought I had a macrium image so I ran it. The Macrium image wouldn't restore. 'read failed 22 invalid...
  2. abrogard

    NTLDR not found..

    I had this machine wouldn't start, wouldn't repair, wouldn't reinstall, nothing... had a thread about it.. Well I took the drive out of that machine - we're talking Win10 - and stuck it in another machine as the system drive just to see what would happen, would it run or mainly would it cause...
  3. abrogard

    Can't Reinstall - GPT disk it says.

    What can I do? My win10 installation seems to have died this morning. I can't rescue it, repair it, go to a restore point or put an image on - nothing works. So I tried to install a new Win10 but got a message that it couldn't be installed because that chosen disk and partition (the very one...
  4. abrogard

    Can I Use Win10 to Partition an XP Sys Disk?

    I have an xp machine with a new install on a 1T drive. Now I think I should have had a system partition so's I have the option of reformatting and installing another OS on there - without destroying all my data. Win10 has a shrink partition ability that leaves used portions of a drive...
  5. abrogard

    Networking a Printer various Wins

    I have win10, win7 and winXP on our home LAN. I have XP because I have a printer that needs XP: no drivers available for any other brand of Windows: a Laserjet 3150. So the printer hangs off that PC as a local printer. Now I think if I want to access it across the network from these other...
  6. abrogard

    How About Sata Boot Sequence?

    I have this computer, happens to be winXP but that may not be important. Now I understand SATA drives boot in sequence from No. 1. So if you had four boot drives the one it would boot from would be SATA port No. 1. Right? But when I put an extra drive into this computer today it didn't. It...
  7. abrogard

    How To Lock One Computer Out of LAN?

    I want to lock one computer out of our home LAN - yet let it still access the wifi so's it can get the internet. How can I do that? The purpose is to avoid any contamination it might pick up being spread across the LAN.
  8. abrogard

    Official Download Is Tied To One Machine?

    I have an installation of win7 Ultimate x64 that is going wobbly. So I want to run repair on it. But I can't find the original disks. found the microsoft site where I can download a win7 ISO if I give them the key from that machine. That's fine. And I'll do it. But just wonder - that will...
  9. abrogard

    Can't Repair Installation - Says Wrong Version.

    Join Date: Oct 2014 win7 pro 32 bit 16 posts Local Time: 17:39 Recovery Says Wrong Windows Version I have a bootable USB with Win7 Ult on it from which I recently installed Win7 Ult. So I know it's good. Now I get a machine - Win7 Ult - that keeps switching off, is unusable. This...
  10. abrogard

    How To Uninstall Botched Win7 Install on XP machine?

    I have an old XP machine. An Acer Aspire. I put Win7 Ultimate on it but it hasn't taken. Always gives me an error message and asks for the install disk again - which was a USB stick - but when i provide it nothing changes. So I need to get it off and start again. I have 3 physical disks...
  11. abrogard

    Can't Copy Across Net - Why?

    I recently upgraded a win7 computer on our lan to win10. now i find I cannot copy files from another computer on the net, winxp, to this new win10. previously I could and did, quite frequently. now the win10 computer tells me i need admin permissions. and the winxp computer tells me to...
  12. abrogard

    How To Safely Share my Computers?

    we have about seven computers all running some version of windows from xp to 10. So's I can move files between them at will I habitually share all the drives. And, of course, every time I do I run into Microsoft's warning about sharing root drives. never worried me. but now we have this...
  13. abrogard

    How Does The Serials Thing Work?

    I've never understood how the Serials thing works. And I've had all kinds of hassles with it over the years with different O/S's and upgrades and second hand machines and broken machine needing repair and reinstalls and whatever... Is there a clear outline of it somewhere? Say I have a...
  14. abrogard

    How To Understand LAN and Wireless Network together?

    I always get a bit confused when configuring or setting up a LAN on XP. Maybe on win7, too. My confusion arises because there's apparently two LANs but the computer never talks about this, never puts it that way. There's the wireless network. That's a Lan, surely? And there's the Microsoft...
  15. abrogard

    Installing OfficeXP 2002 on win7

    I googled that OfficeXP will run okay on win7. Went to install it and all went well until after keycode input and all and then it stopped with a message that the administrator has configured a profile or something that prevents such an installation. Something to that effect. I'm the...