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    Have you installed any antivirus on your Computer ? If not, I would suggest you to install one good antivirus program viz. Avast! pro antivirus or MSE on your computer and keep them updated. Alwayz scan every storage device while plugging-in.
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    Internet application issues - fresh built PC

    Use Ccleaner and free up the RAM. I suggest you to install Google Chrome for internet access. Check the internet connection also.
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    External USB HDD not accessible

    Have you tried it plugging in on any other computer ? Plug-in and go to Control panel and select add hardware and let it show some result.
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    Windows 7 freezing on start up

    You need not to run it for installing a new and fresh version of Windows. You just need to insert a boot disc and start booting from it. If you do not have a DISC, you could use a bootable USB for installation.
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    Downloading Problem

    Well, That wasn't the conclusion I guess. The main thing was, I asked about the download manager might be creating trouble.
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    Win 7 computer does not boot

    Make a bootable USB and plug in. Just change the boot priority of your system to USB and press enter to boot from it.
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    Downloading Problem

    It seems like the OS version of your system a pirated copy. I would suggest you to install a new and fresh copy of Windows. Are you using any download manager for downloading ? If yes, try looking for the file in the default saving location.
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    Unable to Delete a .mkv Video File

    Run the Task Manager and go to the processes tab. Find the file name in the running processes and End-process it. After that you will be able to delete/rename it.
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    Windows 7 freezing on start up

    What are the hardware configurations of your computer ? Win 7 requires at least 1 GB of RAM. If you are lacking it, please upgrade. Else i would suggest you to put a fresh install of it formatting the current installation.
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    Google Chrome fix!

    Yes. Google chrome is the best web browser today. I really love surfing over it. It has an attractive user interface and it doesn't crash.
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    Unable to run IE, FF, and Chrome browsers...

    I would suggest you to put a fresh install on your computer and keep it secure installing a good and latest version of an antivirus program viz. Avast! pro. Always scan external storage devices as plugged in. Install kaspersky internet security on your computer.
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    Computer freezing constatly

    Try booting the computer with any other disc. You are burning the CDs a lot. Try burning the CD from any other Image.
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    Internet Explorer 9 keeps crashing.

    Install Google chrome on your system and set it as default browser. You can also disable IE on your computer as: Go to Control Panel-> Add/Remove Programs. In the left side you you need to click on Add/Remove Windows components and select internet explorer to disable.
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    Computer freezing constatly

    Try restoring your computer to an earlier date to fix the trouble. If you could get the problem fixed, would be appreciable. If not, I would suggest you to reboot.
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    Windows 7 takes long time to boot up

    Try this: Go to Properties of My Computer and click Advance tab. In the below section, click the button settings under the label Startup and Recovery. In the opening window you will see default operating system (you could change if you have dual boot). Check the first checkbox and change the...
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    VLC Causing physical memory to spike dramatically

    Remove the RAM and put it again. Clear the RAM using any trusted third party software program. This will refresh the RAM of your system. Perform Disk Defragment and Disk Cleanup. If possible, Re-boot your system and put an antivirus viz. Avast or MSE.
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    folders removal and system restore

    It will restore only the system settings related to C: drive. If you want to save some folders, you keep them in any other drive viz. Local Disc(D:) or E:
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    Open With Issue

    You do not need to select the .exe file in browse option on Open with window. You need to select the shortcut icon given instead.
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    Forgot my password to sign into windows

    Well, there would be some doubts about telling you the recovery method as nobody knows who the real owner of the computer is. However, you can use password recovery tools to recover the forgotten password.
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    Windows 7 mcafee good and bad

    mcafee is a good security suite. If you could have another option, I would suggest you to go for PANDA 2013 Antivirus. It provides complete security against each and every malwarebyte.