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    Usb audio and 3.5mm audio problem

    When i connect my usb headset with microphone, the built-in 3.5mm audio on motherboard and all the 3.5mm devices are not working until i remove the usb. What should i do to have both types working same time?
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    Laptop with 1 3.5mm audio jack

    My laptop has only one jack for audio with the drawing of a headset with microphone next to it. I have headset with microphone with 2 3.5mm jacks one for audio and the other for microphone connected using adapter that makes em one jack. I also connected speakers to the line using adapter with...
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    Problem with fax

    I have Cyta DSL model and want to connect to it a HP Deskjet 4676 printer fax. How should i do it and how to connect the cables and what cables i must put to the wall plug? to have fax send from computer and printer itself? Explain me in details.
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    Torrent list reload

    Hello, I lost all my torrent download list on the Bittorrent torrent client because i had to format Windows. Is it a way to reload the download list (batch) or store it so i can recover it before Windows become faulty?
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    Port forwarding help

    How can i make port forwarding? I cannot make it.
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    Adding subtitles

    Do you know of a good app that i can add more subtitle language choices to video dvd without re-encoding the original dvd?
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    good dvd creator

    I'm looking for an app that can create video dvds with maximum 10mb bitrate and supports the 1600kbps audio bitrate (i think is only LPCM). Also a good video converter with the same abilities. Also i want the apps to have the ability for video to be stretched at full screen at either 4:3 and...
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    Windows 10 sata card drives problem

    I'm trying to install Windows 10 on a new pc but only accepts to select the installation disk path when windows will be installed only of the sata drives that are connected to the motherboard but not the drives on the sata card i have. I'm using DVD of windows 10 and i have booted to it to...
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    Andy emulator starting automatically

    Andy android emulator for Windows is starting automatically during windows startup and is placing a hidden icon on the secret icons area on the taskbar next to the clock. What should i do?
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    Womble EasyDVD

    I'm using Womble EasyDVD video DVD burner and all i get is a non-full screen image of full screen 4:3 and 16:9 video files. The image is squeezed to the middle of the screen. Why and what should i do? I can't change to another video DVD Burner as this is the only Video DVD Burner i found and...
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    Pin msconfig as tile

    I tried to pin a desktop shortcut of msconfig system app as tile to the start metro screen but refuses to pin. It doesn't even exists 'Pin to Start screen' selection when i right click the shortcut. What should i do? I even copied the shortcut to the 'All Apps' folder and appeared on the left to...
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    convert audio files to video

    I need a program that will convert audio files to video dvd or even to video files to burn to a video dvd with menu and titles. Preferably one that will burn the audio to 1500kbps cd-quality (the maximum bitrate of the sound that can be burned with a program on pc i found). Sometimes i burn...
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    Some web pages not loading for a day

    Some webpages are not loading for a day. I'm using just about every browser like Maxthon, Mozzila Firefox, Chrome and opera and Internet Explorer and the problem appears again. Sometimes is fixed via pc restart only. Why is happening and what should i do? I'm also trying to clean the browser...
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    Restore opened windows via a shortcut

    Is it a way to restore the opened windows like they were before via a shortcut after windows restart?
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    Power saving of speakers when no audio playing

    I'm looking for a program to make speakers not consume power when no audio is playing. Is it possible?
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    A program to convert video files to dvd video without re-encoding

    Do you know of a program that can do a dvd video disc or dvd image without re-encoding the video files and .ts broadcast tv files but just converting to dvd video? Is it possible?
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    Tappouch PC not starting

    Tappouch PC not starting. What should i do?
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    Installed games problem

    The shortcuts of the installed games and programs for Microsoft Store does not show in the start app list anymore. I should restart pc to see em. What should I do?
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    Install game as tile

    How can i install games from Microsoft store without been installed to All Programs Start window and instead to be installed as big tile in the start screen in windows 10?
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    A good audio cd burning app

    I need an audio cd burning app that takes audio from videos and audios, supports cd-text, saving project, and normalization and burns audio cd. Not NCH Express Burn app.