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    How to convert PST to PDF Adobe

    There are many vendors in the market which provide such converter tools for PST to PDF conversion. Google it and you'll get plenty of options. Or if you don't wanna use any such paid software, you should use the virtual printer, called PDF Printer. Also, there's a built-in printer in Win 10...
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    Outlook pst file corrupted

    People in this world are so careless. They come somewhere, share their problem, expect an answer. But most of them never come back. This is not good. Since most of the Outlook users often face such problem (the OP has shared above), I've posted here something.
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    Outlook pst file corrupted

    This sounds unusual but happens a lot. Did you try the Inbox Repair tool? You call it scanpst.exe utility. As per the error report, I can say the PST file is corrupt. Via scanpst.exe, you can scan corrupt PST file for errors. You can take help of these articles to know more about scanpst.exe and...
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    Recuva lost files?

    There are few commercialware tools available in the market which can help you restore your data. Generally I only recommend Recuva for data recovery. But I won't recommend that here. I can suggest you try few data recovery tools. But don't buy any of them. First, you should download free...
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    How to fix a corrupt rar file?

    Are you a fan of EaseUs software. It's hard to believe that you've tried many software tool provided by EaseUs. I hope you're not promoting this brand.
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    Recovering Deleted Data

    This is a paid software, God knows whether it works or not. So before paying for such commercialware tools, you should use a free data recovery software. There are few vendors in the market who provide freeware tools, Recuva is one of them. I've used it many times, and it never disappoints me...
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    Move from outlook mac to outlook windows

    You can't change OLM to PST format just like that. It's not that easy, even not safe. Either use the correct way to import mailbox content from OLM to PST file or use a professional OLM to PST Converter tool.
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    SharePoint Disaster Recovery to Windows Azure

    When I type SharePoint Server Recovery on Google search bar, I get many 3rd party software as options. And if you're searching for the best option, don't go for any recommendation or suggestion. It's really hard to know who's genuine among millions. Go and search for best SharePoint Server...
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    Windows 7 What to do if the database under MS SQL went to Suspect Mode?

    You sure? I mean the primary function of DBCC DBREPAIR (you didn't mention) and DBCC CHECKDB is to fix SQL database which is tagged as suspect. How does it refuse to run?
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    Corrupt word file - says to use text converter

    Who recommended this software here? I can't see any post here recommending this tool.
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    Outlook 2010 - OST Error

    You should try the Integrity check tool, also known as scanost.exe. It's a freeware utility provided by Microsoft. It can scan corrupt OST file and fix it. Refer to this blog post to know how to use scanost.exe - Use scanost.exe (Integrity Check tool) to Repair OST File Remember there's no need...
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    Outlook 2010 - OST Error

    This sounds quite irrelevant here. No need for any such commercial tools especially when it has no relation with the actual issue.
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    Need urgent help to move my all emails of Windows live Mail to Outlook

    It's so easy and simple, believe me. Windows Live Mail program provides you an Export feature by using which you can export email messages to MS Outlook client. There would be no need to use any paid software for this or spend any cost. Launch Windows Live Mail program on your system. Click...
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    Move from outlook mac to outlook windows

    The manual task might be time-consuming though, but it doesn't charge you anything, not even a single penny. I don't think so there should be any problem with doing that manually. But if you are looking for a quick and easy way, you should use a professional tool. There are many software vendors...
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    New To Outlook 2010

    It's good to have an extraordinary member like BIGBEARJEDI here. He always provides good answers through his posts.
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    How to import .eml files in outlook 2007

    Though MS Outlook client doesn't provide you any feature to import EML files, but Windows Live Mail has an export feature by using which you can export email messages to Outlook client with ease. Instead of using any paid tool for EML to PST conversion, one must try this manual trick. Thanks.
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    Windows 7 RAR - extracting from a corrupt file?

    If the original source is available, it's better to download the file again. Maybe you can't extract data from the corrupt RAR archive by doing anything, not even by using a professional recovery solution. Though you can try a couple of manual tricks to repair RAR archive, but if they fail or...
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    Windows 7 RAR - extracting from a corrupt file?

    Does 7Zip have any connection with RAR archive? I've never heard 7-Zip tool can really extract from a corrupt RAR archive. The WinRAR tool is capable enough to repair RAR archive. It has a couple of features which you can use to repair RAR archive. First you should try to repair RAR archive by...
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    How to fix a corrupt rar file?

    This is good. It works great. You just need WinRAR for this. WinRAR tool has a couple of features which you can use to repair RAR file. One has been shared above by alexwastonjunior, and another one is Repair Archive feature.
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    How to fix a corrupt rar file?

    The above URL doesn't exit anymore (don't know why). You can download the software from CNET site - Archive Repair software Thanks.