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    Restoring To A Different Hard Drive From The Original

    Should it make a difference, when after restoring my system to a new hard drive, if I want to restore it into a different one from the original where it was running? Also, could you tell me what the term, "redeploy" means in terms of step by step installation procedures? Thanks so much. CAG43
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    Why Do I Need A CD to Complete Installation of Windows 7?

    I would like to complete the installation of Windows 7 to a bootable hard drive but am being told I need a CD in order to do this. Why would this be as I already have a license key for for a genuine version of Windows? Thanks so much. CAG43
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    Installing 4 GB Ram in Toshiba Windows Vista

    I have a Toshiba Windows Vista 32 bit and would like install 4GB's of RAM but the limiting factor seems to be the memory addressing capability of the processor. Is there any way to get around this? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks, CAG43
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    Should I buy Windows 7 on a CD

    What is the advantage to purchasing Windows 7 on a CD versus simply downloading the file and inserting the license key?
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    How to change user name

    When I go to Control Panel and click on User Accounts there is a user named CAG, but when I go to drive C and click on Users CAG does not appear. However there is an account named Owner that appears to contain all of CAG's sub-accounts. Therefore, I tried to rename the Owner account to CAG but...