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  1. KPDON


    As a windows 10 update just screwed my laptop, I just thought to get back on Windows 7! So now Ill make daily posts on the Windows 7 Part of the forums!
  2. KPDON

    Apply Visual Styles/Themes on Windows 10

    Credit for Video: ZealPlex Steps 1.Download uxstyle and install it -- 2.Find a theme you like NOTE: MAKE SURE YOUR THEME IS MADE FOR THE VERSION YOU HAVE OR IF YOU GET IT FOR SOME OTHER VERSION, IT WILL BREAK YOUR SYSTEM! 3. Drag the theme's windows theme file and the folder...
  3. KPDON

    Uxstyle wont work! (1703 and above/bugs!]

    There are too many bugs on uxstyle if you use it to patch windows 10 1703 and above I have Windows 10 Ltsb 2016, so it works fine for me for applyingcustom themes! If you want to patch your system w/o issues use UltraUXThemePatcher Dosen't work for RS5 releases yet! But the good thing is it...
  4. KPDON

    Disable Windows 10 Gamebar To Make Games Faster

    The windows 10 Gamebar ruins your game's performance! Here I have the steps to completely disable the Gamebar in Windows 10 (Any version) OK, So first go to your XBOX settings in the settings app and change the setting Record game clips,screenshots and broadcast using Gamebar to off. And now...