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  1. Trouble

    New build for fast ringers

    th2_release Professional 10525 Available now. Announcing Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 10525 Gabriel Aul on Twitter
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    Download Windows 10

    Windows 10 Downloading ISO now.
  3. Trouble

    Who the heck is jamespa

    Just got a forum email. Dear jamespa, Blah, blah, blah That’s right... You heard right... Welcome back, jamespa..
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    Windows 10

    I could be mistaken but..... I noticed that my computer seemed to be acting oddly, a little slower than normal, not much just a little. I wondered what the heck was going on.... could it be?? Seems I have a brand new folder on my C drive dated today and within that folder, a brand new...
  5. Trouble

    Windows 10 Anyone attempted to play with the new Game DVR?

    Just discovered this and recorded a very boring instance of Spider Solitaire, but at least it works. Not sure how robust it is at this point, nor if it even works on third party games, but I thought it was at least interesting that it was included natively. I thought maybe some real gamers might...
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    Insider Preview Anyone read this yet??

  7. Trouble

    Insider Preview Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 10166

    Is downloading now on my machine. If anyone is interested.
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    Insider Preview News... if anyone cares

    Build 10149 is now available for fast ringers. Not so fast.... it's a Windows 10 Mobile Build (for phones). But if you're a Windows 10 Phoney... like me, then you may (or may not) be interested. Maybe take a look here...
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    Insider Preview New Logo

    Coming soon to a desktop near you. Looks kinda nice.
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    Insider Preview Bought mine today

    Pre-ordered Windows 10 Pro OEM today. Supposedly available 08/31/2015 about a month after the rumored RTM in late July...
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    Insider Preview Build 10122

    Anyone else end up with a messed up Start Menu. I had to do a full shut down and then start up to get any visible tiles, and.... Now they all look a bit like they were create for a very old video game circa pre-PacMan.
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    Was just reading this

    An update that will inform Windows 7 and 8 users, when Windows 10 becomes available for installation. It is reportedly an "optional" update / patch. Here's hoping that it doesn't...
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    Insider Preview If anyone has time to experiment

    Windows 10 Technical Preview 9926 1. Enable the local (hidden) administrator's account 2. Password or leave blank, doesn't seem to make a difference. 3. Log Off 4. Log On as Administrator (hidden account) 5. Tell me if your start menu works as expected? Thanks Randy
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    Server2k3 end of life

    July 14th will mark the end of life / support (security updates, etc.,) for Windows Server 2003 (the XP Server equivalent). I still run one of these in a VM for the occasional support question...
  15. Trouble

    HP Omni Pro 110

    Was wondering if anyone has had any experience with servicing an HP Omni Pro 110 XZ821UT All-In-One PC? I would like to find some information (drawings, videos, etc.,) on a complete tear down, disassembly and reassembly. Even an exploded view of parts might help. I've managed to do the basic...
  16. Trouble

    Unusual drive problem

    I have a Windows XP SP3 computer with something strange going on that I've never seen before (see attachment). Windows explorer shows two drives C:\ and E:\ That wouldn't be particularly strange except there is only one physical drive with a single 1 terabyte partion on it. Disk Management show...
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    Microsoft pulls Windows RT 8.1 upgrade from Store

    Just a heads up regarding the Windows 8.1 upgrade for those who may be attempting it on a Windows Surface RT device SOURCE LINK A bit of a pain but a step by step guide to getting through this obstacle is contained here SOURCE LINK
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    Remote Desktop

    In my searching today across the vast InterWeb I found this and thought I would pass it along. Tested it with a friend in England and it seem to work fine across the pond. So I would be...
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    In The News

    Always good to see Apple back in the news again. I can't even imagine what the price of a new Apple Device would cost consumers if they ever actually address and fix these labor problems.
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    Windows 7 Security Suites

    While I do not suggest that this article is in any way the definitive authority regarding Internet Security Suite choices, it looks for the most part like their testing process that they employed is sound and relevant. And I do endorse two of their top ranked products, both Kaspersky and Eset as...