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    What pets do you have ?

    Do you guys have any pets, If so what are they and their names. Interesting to read what my friends from around the world have :)
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    I cant get system restore to start

    Hi everyone, I have recently noticed that i cant get system restore to work.I`ve tried to create a new point and it says ....The restore point could not be created for the following reason, The specified object was not found ( Ox80042308 ) . It did work about 3 months ago. Im stumped. Ive tried...
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    Hair loss sucks

    Just wanted to share this with you guys. I thought it was so funny :D
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    IE 8 .Problem with Homepage

    Hi there , I was wondering if anybody out there would know what this meant.Everytime i try to save my homepage ie. my personal optus one that i configure for my personal needs. It comes up with this error ..... ( Message from homepage your browser does not support this feature, Object doesnt...