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    PNP driver watchdog error when installing windows 10.

    Hi all. Fresh out of luck at the moment. I have tried two different M2 drivers, various usbs for the bootable media and also a 2018 version of windows 10. Any one have any idea what this could be? or could point me in the right direction to the log files after theses failed installs? seems...
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    upgraded to a new harddrive. now had MEMORY_MANAGMENT BSOD

    Hi y'all. Just had a crash with new OS/hardrive. Wondering if someone smarter than me with all this could give some insight. Cheers. W7F grab all attached.
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    BSOD: DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION and DRIVER_POWERSTATE_FAILURE (mini dump and diognostic attached)

    Hello seeking some help with my windows 10. Has crashed lots of times with theses two errors. the drivers seem to be uptodate on device manager.