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  1. kemical

    Assassins Creed Valhalla

    I got the game free with the last AMD CPU I'd purchased. Normally I don't really go for the Creed series but so far this game has shown real promise.
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    Maxon release Cinebench 23:
  3. kemical

    Grab for free: The Division

    According to GURU 3D you can download The Division from Uplay for free. The offer ends pretty soon so grab it while you can: Grab for free: Tom Clancy’s The Division
  4. kemical

    Death Stranding

    First, a few screenshots: As one can see the graphics are superb and requirements are surprisingly low: OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows® 10. PROCESSOR: Intel® Core™ i5-3470 or AMD Ryzen™ 3 1200. MEMORY: 8 GB. GRAPHICS: GeForce® GTX 1050 3 GB or AMD Radeon™ RX 560 4 GB. Direct X: Version 12...
  5. kemical

    Metro Exodus - Sam's Story

    The last DLC for Metro Exodus dropped yesterday and so far hasn't been a disappointment. It concerns the plight of the only American left in Artyoms party and his quest to get home.
  6. kemical

    Free Half-Life for a limited time

    Half-Life: Alyx is coming in March, and we are celebrating early by making all games in the Half-Life series FREE to play for Steam users, from now until the day it launches! Half-Life: Alyx is set before the events of Half-Life 2 and the episodes, but the games share characters and story...
  7. kemical

    Windows 10, Version 1903, 19H1, May 2019 Update SuperThread

    UPDATE May 22nd 2019: Microsoft has now made the Windows 10 May 2019 Update available via their media creation tool with which you can create your own iso/USB install media. Download Windows 10 Starting next week via release preview the Windows 10 May update will start to roll out. Windows...
  8. kemical

    Cumulative update KB4482887 can affect gaming performance.

    Microsoft have revealed that the last cumulative update for Windows 10 build 1809 KB4482887 can affect gaming: Workaround: Reference: Read 'known issues with this update'
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    Anthem released only a few days ago and is an open world, rpg like, shooter.
  10. kemical

    Metro Exodus

    Metro Exodus was released this morning and boy is it a great addition to the series. The immersion is as good as ever and if you have played a Metro game before you soon recognise the signs of this being a Metro game. I primarily built my system for this game so was especially pleased when...
  11. kemical

    Division 2

    Release date: March 19th 2019 If you missed the Division first time around then why not try the sequel? You play an agent which activates when all other assets have been lost (Army, Police, Hospitals ) . In this case a new virus has seriously depleted the population and chaos ensued. It's...
  12. kemical

    Update for Windows Defender antimalware platform

    Microsoft reports relate to a bogus update from Win Defender stopping some machines from starting when secure boot is turned on:
  13. kemical

    Steam Support for Windows XP & Vista ends today

    Support for two former operating systems, XP and Vista will no longer be in effect after Jan 1st 2019. This is due to embedded software within steam becoming incompatible with the old os's: Ref: Windows XP and Windows Vista Support - Steam - Knowledge Base - Steam Support
  14. kemical

    Edge to become more Chrome

    The Edge browser is to change: Microsoft Edge: Making the web better through more open source collaboration - Windows Experience Blog
  15. kemical

    Introduction of Windows Modern Drivers for Intel Products

    Microsoft is changing the way hardware drivers work on the Windows 10 (1809 and onwards) platform. Hardware running on these operating systems can use Windows Modern Drivers (also known as Universal Windows Drivers - UWDs). As from November 2018 Intel will roll out drivers using the Windows...
  16. kemical

    New Intel Microcode for Spectre V3a, V4 & L1TF to be released

    Intel is to release new microcode via Windows update for Spectre variants. further details can be found here:
  17. kemical

    Windows 10 v1809 Activation issues

    A message has appeared on some users (mainly Pro apparently) desktops saying Windows needs activating. Microsoft have acknowledged the fault and will release a fix asap: Windows 10 suddenly deactivated
  18. kemical

    Destiny 2 free till Nov 18th

    Guru 3D reports that Destiny 2 is free for a short time: Free to grab: Destiny 2
  19. kemical


    CORSAIR iCUE software connects all your CORSAIR iCUE compatible products together in a single interface, giving you complete control over your entire setup. Synchronized lighting across all your iCUE compatible devices brings your system to life, while powerful macro control accelerates your...
  20. kemical

    Windows 10 October 2018 Update

    The Windows 10 October 2018 Update is finally here! Download the iso/usb install using the Media Creation Tool here: Download Windows 10